X-Plan for 2006 GT

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  1. I better call the dealer and raise some hell, he's taken my money already
  2. They said it couldnt be done!!! Ordered April 13, arrived yesterday as an 05 and at my X plan price!

  3. Now THAT deserves some effin' bananas!!!

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  4. well my order number is C000
    and priority #10
    Dealer tells me that i am the only one for a 2006 Stang gt Medium Size dealer
    Hoping thats good at X-plan...Johnny :nice:
  5. what is the x plan? im new to the ford world and looking to get a gt
  6. Ford offers a few different discount plans. A-plan is for Active employees. Z-plan is for Retired employees. X-plan is basically the lesser "misc" plan which is open to employees of Ford's suppliers, friends of employees, some colleges, etc.

    Right now, since the Mustangs are excluded from the "Ford Family Plan" promotion, the X-plan is the best most of us can get. To get the X-plan, all you need to do, is find a Ford employee to be your friend.
  7. The ford employee gets a "pin" number for you to give the dealer. Also, the employee that gets the number for you gets $50. I guess as an incentive to get their friends to buy Fords. I've made my buddy about $500 over the last couple years.. He and his wife usually take us out to dinner with his check.
  8. thanks for the info guys.
  9. So Cal Ford Dealerships

    Villa Ford will take an order on a 2006 GT at plan pricing but you'll have to wait a loooonnnngggg time to actually get the car. I ordered a '05 GT vert and after waiting too long, I found my car and bought it for MSRP from Ford of Orange. It made me said but I guess that makes up for all the times that I've put the screws to the dealership buying other models. :rlaugh: