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  1. Just to let some of you guys know you can get the benefit of the X-Plan through this membership. I have been a member for 4 years and have purchased 2 cars under X-plan and the soon to use it for the 05. Anyway it cost $40.00 per year and you get an X-Plan pin. When I first joined you would get the pin instantly but now they were probably getting so many that now you have to wait 1 year until you get the pin. But for those who wait it only cost $40.00. http://www.eaa.org/memberbenefits.html :nice:
  2. xplan

    Most ford dealers will sell anything on the lot 100-300 over before rebates incentives etc. Would the xplan get you anything else?
  3. supposedly you can't do better than X-Plan. Maybe I'm wrong but its 4% over an employees price.
  4. Thanks for the info! Could you tell us what the X plan price is going to be on your 05? Or, how much it's saving you compared to the sticker price.

    Thanks, Matt.
  5. When I log into the Ford Partner website (where I got my pin), I can then click the link for Ford Direct site and it will shows x-plan price for any Ford in stock at the dealerships you select.
  6. My build cost was around 28,500.. with XPlan, it was about 26,100. Something like that.
  7. It's 4% +$150. Generally speaking, you can do better than X-Plan. Basically, X-Plan just eliminates the need for haggling. The price is set, no negotiating. If you have the time and the patience, you can negotiate a price equal to, or even better than, X-Plan. With the Mustang, dealers aren't as willing to negotiate too close to the invoice price but if you shop around enough and do your homework, you'll find the right price.
  8. That's why I like X-plan. I hate to haggle with car salesmen. I'd rather walk into the dealership knowing exactly what my price is going to be. The only negotiating left to do is over the trade-in (if I have one).
  9. Thanks for the info, but I was wanting to get an idea of what kind of money the X plan can save a guy on a car or truck. It would be nice if I could look at that website you're talking about and see for myself what kind of discounts are available. What's the web addy for the "Ford Partner website"? What exactly is the Ford Partner Website?

    Thanks, Matt.
  10. Rebates with X-plan?

    Can current rebates and discount certificates be used with X-Plan?

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  11. almost all incentives and rebates can be used with X-plan. i am a good negotiator and was never able to even come close to the deal i get with X-plan, at least on mustangs. the best i was able to do prior to x-plan was 500 over invoice, with x-plan its 50. and all i have to do is tell the dealer what i want, no negotiating or wasting of time. most dealers in my area sell every mustang they get and usually get good money for them since they don't get very many. just my experience
  12. It's http://www.fordpartner.com. You'll need your partner code to get in. Once in, find a link to FordDirect.com and it should display x-plan as well as msrp pricing.
  13. i just bought mine with the dplan

    The x-plan is the only way that you are going to get any breaks on the new mustang for the next 6 months to a year with as hot as they are right now. i have family at ford so i was able to get mine with a dplan which is invoice. all of the mustangs in the SD area that i have seen on lots have a 3000 dollar mark up right now because they can. so if you have xplan available then use it. my sticker price for mine was 26,000 and i got it for 19,000 so i am completely happy cos' even though they are selling as soon as they get on the lot, i still havent seen one on the road yet other than mine.
  14. Thanks, Matt.
  15. You can do better than X plan when the dealer has vehicles that they are desparate to unload or if you get A or Z plan.

    X plan is essentially dealer invoice + the regional marketing charge.

    A & Z plan is essentially dealer cost, that is invoice minus dealer holdback and NO marketing charge.

    But X plan is great because (as other's have stated) it's NO HAGGLE, and the dealer CANNOT charge you any paperwork charges or ANY OTHER charges they might want to add on. Around where I live most Ford dealers add a $200 to $300 paperwork charge. It is legal, as long as the dealer chargesthe same paperwork charge to every customer (except plan customers).
  16. I've had 3 dealers who will sell UNDER invoice with no rebates, plans or special deals.

  17. X-Plan*:$24,986.00
    Total MSRP: $26,975.00 Features: Premium
    Eng/Trans: 4.6L 3V V8 / TR3650 5-Spd Man
    Colors: Ext: Redfire Met / Int: Light Graphit
    all you have to do if you want a pin # there are a number of ford and ford credit emp that will be happey to give the pins out i have 5 more that i can give out just e-mail me.....you will need the last 4 of you ssn# and will need full first and last name and then will need your add....this is how they know who you are when they run the pin it will sho this info and if you are not the one on the pin then it will not take...if you want a pin e-mail me at [email protected]
  18. does joining the site really get you an xplan? how long does it take to get it?
  19. Dealers do not have to accept x-plan. I called a couple that refused it. I decided to wait anyway till they come out with the 18x9 wheel option, bugs worked out, and dealers are more agreeable to deal.