X plan free PIN right here enjoy!

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  2. That's all well and good but you still have to prove you're employed by IBM before the PIN is accepted by dealer. Otherwise, it's useless.
  3. you can only buy 2 cars per year on X-Plan!
  4. No one asked for proof of employment, I know it could have just been the dealer I used.
  6. They're supposed to ask. This is straight from the partner website:


    Maybe you lucked out with a dealer that didn't care. When I bought my Mazda, they asked for proof.
  7. I have a couple of X-Plan pins that I can give out if anyone is interested. I work for Ford.
  8. I need one but I cannot order until January 3rd. Will it still be good than or do you get more after Jan 1st since it's a new calendar year? Thanks for helping us out also!
  9. Question:

    If a ford employee gives out a X-Plan(Friends and Neighbors) PIN, what type of proof would I have to give? I do not have any affliation with an "Partners" or Ford. I thought if a Ford Employee supplied a PIN (Freinds & Neighbors), then the Dealer would confirm who I was by last four digits of SS and Drivers license and NOT who I was employed by.
    Aren't there 2 different types of "X-Plans"?

    Thanks for your assistance
  10. What is the deal with the X Plan. If you are a good enough negotiator, you should have no problem negotiating invoice for a Mustang. Especially if you order one.

    I never pay more than $100 or $200 over invoice.

    Do you get a better deal with the "X Plan"???
  11. X-Plan*:$24,986.00
    Total MSRP: $26,975.00 Features: Premium
    Eng/Trans: 4.6L 3V V8 / TR3650 5-Spd Man
    Colors: Ext: Redfire Met / Int: Light Graphit
    all you have to do if you want a pin # there are a number of ford and ford credit emp that will be happey to give the pins out i have 5 more that i can give out just e-mail me.....you will need the last 4 of you ssn# and will need full first and last name and then will need your add....this is how they know who you are when they run the pin it will sho this info and if you are not the one on the pin then it will not take...if you want a pin e-mail me at [email protected]
  12. I hate negotiating with car salesmen so that's my reason for using X-plan. When I walk into the dealership I know exactly how much I'm going to pay for the car and the only thing to haggle about is the trade-in (if I have one).
  13. Sad but,true!
  14. That's for Ford employees. Ford Partners still only get 2 PINS, if I'm not mistaken
  15. Tdaily2, I sent you an email thanks.
  16. That's correct. I'm allowed only 2 PINs per year and I work for a partner not Ford.