x-plan...is this true

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  1. Just wondering if the new car mgr at my local Ford dealership new what he was talking about....I have read all over the place that dealerships are ordering 05's at x-plan prices and offering them to to anyone that qualifies. He stated today that other dealerships are just assuming it will be offered at x-plan but Ford has not said if they will allow it yet(said when the new t-birds came out they couldn't sell them at x-plan prices for the first three months) I ordered mine on 8/21 and qualify for x-plan and this guy will not budge off msrp...anyway I will certainly take my business elsewhere if another dealership will hook me up...what do you guys think??
  2. I'd shop somewhere else and get the price in writing. I'm eligible for X-Plan as well but I'm not looking to buy until late next year.
  3. you can get X-plan on any vehichle, not just ordered ones. dealerships don't order x-planned cars.
  4. I understand x-plan is for any veh....the mgr is saying that the new stang could be like the thunderbird when it was released...you couldn't get x-plan prices on it until it was on the the lots for three months. Other dealerships have told their customers they will sell it at x-plan but my dealership says that Ford hasn't authorized that yet...
  5. they offer the x-plan for any vechicle except the cobra
  6. Ok, I'll be the one. What's the 'X-plan' and how do you qualify? :shrug:
  7. Never mind, found it, and its not me :(
  8. X plan is Ford's "Friends and Family" purchase plan. Ford employees and retirees get a limited # of PINs each year to had out to their friends and extended family. Ford suppliers and customers also get X plan picing for both the business and their employeed.

    X plan sets a fixed price for the vehicle. Normally for Ford brand products it is invoice + $250 + FDA (dealer advertising charge).

    If you are a good negotiator you should be able to meet or beat X plan pricing. However X plan make the process very easy, no arguing about price, it is fixed and reasonable.

    However some dealers can be dicks when they have (or think they have) a hot selling model. I belive that any dealer can refuse to sell a car on X plan. So 2K5_pony needs to find a new dealer.

    Keep in mind that Ford is going to try to build 195,000 of the new Stangs per year. It is not like a SVT Cobra or T-Bird that are low volume cars. Early on supplies will be tight, but eventually there will be plenty of '05 Mustangs to go around.
  9. My buddy that works at Ford Credit informed me a while ago that the '05 will be eligible for x-plan discount the minute it hits the showroom floor. Your dealer is just being inflexible. Go elsewhere.
  10. hey guys wat does son of retired colonel get u any plan?
  11. :scratch:
  12. The answer is yes you can xplan it right away you can even a plan it if you qaulify for that. In fact they already have the xplan for the Ford GT.
  13. how do you know if they are beining truthfull........i mean when i purchased the last couple of cars they pull out THE "dealer invoice" and show what they pay..............do i believe this, i s this the x-plan or just smoke and mirrors..

  14. This is straight from the the Ford Recognition Program ("x-plan") website:

    The '05 shouldn't be excluded by the dealer. Tell your dealer that he's a jackass and go somewhere else.
  15. I am no longer X-plan (I no longer work for the company that had X-plan), but I got a similar price anyhow.

    I called the first dealer, they said they weren't taking orders (July). I called the second dealer, talked to the Internet/Fleet sales guy. He said they are taking orders. I basically said:

    • I have owned 4 Mustangs, a Ranger, a Sable Wagon and currently own an Explorer and a Sable sedan
    • I want X-Plan pricing, and will call around until I find a dealer that will sell me at/near X-Plan pricing.

    He said "OK, I'll take your order at invoice plus 2%."

    I just got word that my '05 is being built this week, so I should see it in about 6 weeks. If factory invoice is accurate to my order, it should be $25,778.50 plus the T&L.

    You don't have to have X-plan to get X-Plan pricing. Just call, be strong but respectful, and you will find a dealer willing to give you the pricing (especially if you deserve it, but even if you don't currently have access to it).

    The key is to act like you care, but not too much. That's the key to any negotiation.
  16. Though, when you order through X-plan, the window sticker comes through with your name on it. :nice:
  17. BTW, X-plan pricing is "A-Plan + 4% + $150", which typically comes out to be just about invoice.
  18. You are right it shouldn't, but I just checked this morning. On Ford's official X-plan pricing website (forddirect.com), the only Ford vehicle which is still being listed as a 2004 model, is the Mustang. There are no official X-plan pricing listed there yet for the 2005 Mustang. :(

    Rather odd seeing such a very long list of all the various Ford car and truck models, and all of them, except for the Mustang, are 2005.
  19. Not true

    And as other's have said you can buy a car sitting on a dealer's lot under X plan. It's a fact, I've done it.

    But as M1 said, if you are a good negotiator you will be able to get X pricing w/o being eligible for X. If it's early in the model year you may have trouble getting that sort of pricing, but by mid model year many dealers will give you pricing similar to X.

    X has one other advantage, many dealers add in paperwork charges, often called a "conveyance fee". Under X plan a dealer cannot charge you for anything extra like paperwork fees.
  20. It certainly is true.

    I ordered my Mustang under the X-plan, and it definitely came with my name on the window sticker.

    I never, ever, said that x-plan was only by ordering. I only said that by ordering, you get your name on the sticker.