X-Plan not honored anymore?

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  1. I was told by a pretty reliable source that the x/a plans were not going to be honored for the 06 mustangs. A friends dad went to a dealer and tried to use the a plan and was told ford was not accepting these for the mustang. Is this some dealer BS or is ford really not taking the plan pricing right now on the mustangs?

    Has anyone ordered an 06 with plan pricing yet? Spose to order mine tis week so need to know. Thanks in advance.
  2. are you sure?

    The X-plan is the dealer's choice to honor or not, not Ford's. I think the salesman is pulling your leg. However, if you do order X-plan, try to get the dealer to code your order as retail, or you may get a lower priority. A dealer in CA told me that their X-plans did not get built last year and were pushed to '06.
  3. I know that it is the dealers option wether they want to honor it or not but the one that said ford is not accepting them was the employee. When he went to get the numbers they said they are no good for the hybrids and the mustangs. Just threw this up here to see if i could get a quick answer. I will find out for sure on weds. since my dealer said they would accept them. Dont like the anticipation for this type of stuff.
  4. They lied to you bro. Some dealers will accept, some won't. In fact, I saw a VOC today with A/Z, D, and X plan pricing for an '06 Mustang GT. Ford Motor Co issues them and accepts them gladly.
  5. I called my local Ford dealer; he said he would gladly let me build my 06 with x-plan pricing. This was last week.
  6. Your dealer is BSing you, go to another one that will actually accept an '06 on order with X-plan. It shouldn't be that hard.
  7. Just talked to my dealer and he placed my order already so everything is cool and it was that dealership that was just bein suckie. now i cant wait. hehehehe
  8. Your dealer is a slacker who thinks it's better to only sell retail priced vehicles, instead of moving volume. The salesperson gets a standard fee when selling A/X/Z plan vehicles. Reputible dealers and salespersons will take any order and will want to move the volume. Good for Ford, the dealer and the salesperson.

    Take your business to another dealer.

    Better yet, when you get the car, call the sales manager at the original dealer to give them some feedback on thier dealership and sales stragety.
  9. I just got off the phone with my local dealer, and he started off all nice and polite, then it turned to

    Salesman:"So uhhh..ford ummm..does not support the Xplan ummm...05."

    me: So you are saying that I can't get the Xplan?

    S: Yeah, uhh, i check and we can't offer xplan any more, super hot item...ford won't do it.

    m: really. I have heard from several places, including ford directly, that the Xplan is still supported.

    s: Well, I can get you MSRP...but the xplan..uhh..isnt honored.

    m: So you are saying is your dealership won't honor the xplan?

    s: Rihght.

    m: Thanks. Bye!
  10. Still being honored at my dealership
  11. The only passenger vehicle for which Ford doesn't have any plan prices, right now, is the Escape Hybrid.
  12. Pure BS! Ford will build all day long whether they are retail, X-plan, A-plan, etc. It's strictly dealerships that are trying to screw folks. It's hard to find a good dealer that will order on the discount and not bump Priority # for other sales. There are some good dealerships left, but not many. I know because I got taken care of by dealership. Just look at the order dates in the signature.
  13. X Plan

    Just ordered an '06 yesterday (6/8), a GT 'vert on X plan.
  14. Three dealers in San Antonio told me they would do the X-plan :shrug: