x-plan price on GT vert

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  1. I'm planning on going to see a dealer about ordering an 06 GT (coupe or vert, depends on price), and I was wondering what the prices would be. The options I would want would be the interior upgrade, Shaker 500 (possibly), and side curtain airbags. It would have to be the deluxe; I don't care for leather. Also, I read a post on here referring to the calculation of x-plan pricing, and a number of opinions were given, so I went to the Ford Partner website, and it said .4% below invoice. Is that true?
  2. not sure of 06 prices but I ordered my 05vert deluxe with leather, IUP and boot cost 29000 with x-plan. Take away leather $600 and add Shaker 500 about $500 and airbags $250 I think and you could figure out roughly around 29200. You might want to think twice about the Shaker. Seems like people have had lots of problems with it and 500 dollars could get you a pretty nice aftermarket radio.
  3. The last time I read that site, the X-plan price wasn't referenced to invoice price. It was referenced to the A-plan price.

    Even though the website (nor Ford) states this, in reality, it comes to just over invoice.

    However, the Ford dealer is required to show you the X-plan price. Ford sets the price, and they are forbidden to deviate from it.

    Also, if you do settle on buying one under the X-plan, make sure that you and the dealer both sign the Ford form, BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE DEALERSHIP!
  4. Thanks for the advice, guys. That's about what I thought. The only reason I was considering the Shaker 500 is because I have become too fat to install stereo systems anymore, and too cheap to have them installed. How is the base radio? Also, how easy is it to back out of the deal, in case my job situation changes?
  5. I would think backing out of a deal wouldn't be hard, it's not like you can order these cars to the point where that are unsellable.
  6. Call me a chump, but I just got off the phone with my wife, and she said no (but not nearly that politely). Heck, I was just going to talk to them. :D