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  1. Hey guys... after several years of inactivity, I am back to once again tap into an amazing vat of mustang knowledge. Now that I've flattered you all, onto the point...

    I just graduated college and have been on my job for just over two months now. I get some pretty great discounts with all the American car makers and even some Europeans... Originally, I had planned to save up until next summer, at which point I would have enough money saved to make a big enough down payment to comfortably affoard the payments on an '08 or '09 Vette. But alas, I found I cannot wait that long for a new car (way too anxious), and I don't feel like stretching my budget at this point for a car. The Mustang, however, would fit VERY nicely into my planned budget. Besides, I live in the DC metro area, so I'd like to discover I hate driving manual in the traffic when I buy a $30,000 car rather than a $50,000 car.

    I have two questions with the X-Plan pricing I get through my employer. Firstly, I LOVE the Shelby GT. I know the GT500 is not eligible, but I do not see anything about the regular Shelby GT. Anyone know if it is eligible/what the x-plan price is?
    Secondly, is there negotiation beyond the x-plan pricing? My girlfriend just bought a G35 coupe a couple months ago, and was part of a Vehicle Purchasing Program. I was able to get the dealer to drop another $500 beyond the VPP price, and I do not consider myself an expert negotiatior.

    Thanks for your help everyone!
  2. Save your money and get a 08/09 Vette. Better gas mileage and will pretty much destroy most Mustangs out there.

    If you are set on getting a mustang, the Shelby GT's look FANTASTIC. CAI/Tune is a must on these cars so before you even buy the car, budget in about 600 bucks for the cai/tune package from either brenspeed or bamachips :)
  3. Get a Mustang.
    I doubt a dealer will do x plan on a Shelby GT, but who knows. My dealer wanted $8,000 over sticker.
    As a recent college graduate, Ford will also give you $500. My daughter got that bonus when she graduated from college. I doubt a dealer will come down off X plan. I could be wrong, but I would be surprised.
    Under X plan, Ford gives the dealer a set amount for selling a car.
    And the dealer likely would give you less for any trade in to make up some of his lost profit.
    You still get any rebates and any other bonuses such as the college graduate cash.
  4. Stan, thanks a lot for the heads up on how the x-plan actually works. I wouldn't trade my car at a dealership - 3 summers ago when I briefly considered selling my car, a delear told me my trade in was worth $5000 (I had under 20k miles at that point) and KBB says right now the value is ~6K. Granted, I didn't argue try haggling, but there are plenty of other ways to sell my car for more than the dealer would consider giving me.

    Hobo, trust me, I would much rather get the vette. My insurance would triple, and between that and the car payments and other expenses, I'd be putting very little extra money in the bank. Not something I want to get into this point in my life. Given that the Mustang payments would be less than what I currently have set aside in my budget on the low end of the payment scale, I'll still be able to pack away at a down payment for the Vette, and will be able to trade up to it around 6 months later than I was originally planning, and probably be in better shape. The Shelby GT would be a middle of the road deal...
  5. I've now purchased three cars within the last year on x-plan. Not hard to find someone to get you a number if you don't have access as you do.
    Unless you work for Ford, it is hard to beat the deal. And if you can sell your car on your own, for more, that's even better.
    I traded cars in. I know I got less but I hate the hassle. One I traded in the dealer still had six months after the trade. It was an Escape Limited, loaded, with four-wheel drive. The dealer said no one wanted the four-wheel drive. Beats me.
    You'll love a new Mustang whether it's a GT or Shelby GT. I wanted a Shelby but could not justify the dealer markup.
  6. I would consider the GT/CS over the Shelby GT. Same EXACT body kit, but without the extra Ford Parts for a LOT cheaper. That's what I am going after.
  7. I saw a California Special, a convertible, I liked it a lot. There aren't many of these in my area, however. Dealers think the added cost will make the cars hard to sell.
  8. Its only like 2-3K over the GT Premium. MAYBE 2-3K. Its worth the bodykit and interior upgrades to me. But I guess it all goes back to what you're willing to pay for. Something that big for a seemingly small increase compared to what they COULD raise it, it's a good deal to me. Theres not a lot of them though. That's prolly why you don't see them often. I've only ever seen one on the road and one in the lot.