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  1. Build date

    I ordered mine 2/11 got serialized 4/5 and got my build date 4/7 for week of 5/2 on the X-Plan. I really don't think the dealers have a say in when the cars get built because I was a priority 40 and am still going to see mine sooner than some of the 10s and 20s.
  2. Stormin.....your dealer is full of it...... :bs:

    All orders, regardless of Ford discount plans, count towards the dealer's sales to get more Mustangs.

    In short, what he told you was he's not going to honor X plan pricing since he knows he can make more on retail sales. I don't have an issue if the dealer tells you that up-front. But, in your case, they strung you along in the hopes of taking you off the market while you waited "hopefully" to get x plan. No commitments from them.

    The good news is, you got your car. And, you got it at MSRP. That's not such a bad deal considering that e-bay is full of dealers asking above MSRP for GTs and verts. Plus, I've seen some individuals selling used GTs at MSRP over there.

    A dealer close to me, bought used GTs at auction and paid MSRP and are selling them above MSRP.........for used, stripped GTs....and people are buying them.

    The Mustang craze is unlike any I've ever seen for any car.

    Have fun with your car. :banana:
  3. Ordered mine on X-Plan 12/28. Just got my Build date of 4/25... :shrug:
  4. I agree. I just had my oil changed in my 04 GT today at my dealership and all anyone could talk about was the new 05's. Everyone in the service department and even people out in the showroom were buzzing about them. It's the wildest thing I've ever seen!!
  5. I ordered mine back on 12/17/04 and still no car. Where do you find the priority code on the bill of material?????????

    This sucks!!!! The dealer i ordered mine through said just be patient. I can't be patient anymore, i'm about to pull my hair out. I was the second one to order one from this dealer and neither mine or the first has been delivered yet.

    I guess FORD is not making any for the state of VIRGINIA or this damn dealer is just to small??????????

    And yes, i live in Jersey and ordered from a family friend in Virginia who must have NO pull whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Look on your VOC paperwork. There is a priority code in the top-left corner. Mine is an 01, but some are 02, 04, etc. None of us were really sure what this meant in the beginning, but now we think it denotes certain plans. X-plan is 01, A/D plans are 02, 04, etc.

    My advice: stay on their asses at the dealership. I call my inventory manager every week to check in AND ask him to email me a summary EVERY FRIDAY just to make sure.

    Good luck and keep us posted on the progress.
  7. Ford CAN deny X-Plan pricing on some vehicles...Escape Hybrid for example.
    But Mustangs are NOT on the list of vehicles where x-plan can't be used...it's up to the dealers to decide if a plan will be accepted...NOT Ford.
    Before I ordered my 05 Mustang back in October I wanted to make sure I could use x-plan since most dealers wouldn't accept plans...and when I found a dealer that would accept the plan I placed the order.
    On my DORA I was priority 20 and NO mention of x-plan listed on the form.
    10 weeks later the car arrived, I talked to the internet manager about the car and he told me to give the x-plan pin to finance when I signed the forms, and I didn't have any problems with using the plan.
  8. I ordered my Mustang via the X-plan too.(Jan 9th 2005)
    Still no Mustang and no word when it would ever come in. Dealers in Illinois are selling Mustangs 3000.00 over sticker price. What I don't get is why would anyone pay over sticker price, banks and lending institutions don't see the extra value. If people are paying 3000.00 over sticker the price on a automatic Mustang GT with tax is around 35k which is too much for this type of car. Ford offers no incentives or low financing on this car. Unless
    one pays for the car cash the car cost with tax and interest can be over 40k, which is insane. If Ford does not fix their production problem soon, higher interest rates tagged along with rising gas prices will eventually fade the market demand for this car. Also, most people cannot wait 6 months for a car and will purchase something else which is also going to hurt Mustang sales in the near future. I am getting very close to this point, which is finding another car that has a more modern warranty than the Mustangs lowest in the market 3yr/36000. Most manufactures are offering 3yr 50,000 or even 7yr/100,000 miles.
  9. I hate to say it, but this happens every day - except in reverse. Supply is high, demand is low - so the sticker price on product X is discounted to meet what the consumer will pay.

    This is one of those rare instances where supply is very low and demand is high - the market price point is adjusting itself.

    Rah to a perfect market.

    Banks and lenders could care less if the car is $10,000 or 100,000 as long as you can pay back your loan. (However they like to know if you don't pay that if they reposes then they can resell it to recoup costs - and they will resell at market value which, as we established, is pretty high).
  10. Just to note, when you order a Mustang on the X-plan, and it comes threw to the dealer, it has your name printed on the window sticker. :)
  11. That's AWESOME! And one less thing for me to worry about and drive everyone crazy at the dealership about. I call my inventory manager every week to check in and make him email me every Friday with a status report. I already told him I want to be there the day she arrives at the dealership.
  12. Banks may care less, but they will not lend out more than book value for the car. So, if someone pays over MSRP they are just throughing money away, since the supply will meet demand very shortly (in the fall when 2006's are out or when gas prices reach $3.00 a gallon, or rates go up).
  13. Not always...when I ordered my new Mustang on x-plan their was no mention on the DORA that the order was x-plan, but it DID have my name listed (on the DORA).
    When the car came in I checked the sticker and my name isn't there.
    In the SOLD TO box the dealer's name is listed, and the rest of the sticker listed the standard and option equipment on the car.
  14. I work for Verizon (not Verizon wireless)Communications in N.Y and I would like to know if I qualify for any Ford discount plans. If I do not, how would Verizon get on the list? Any info would be appreciated.Thank you.
  15. My name was listed at the end of the option list, on the right side.

    It had something like "--X--" to denote it was an X-plan order, followed by my name. I had assumed that all actual X-plan orders, came through that way. :shrug:

  16. You need to check with your internal HR people. Check the verizon website for 'employee purchace programs' or 'affiliation programs'.
  17. Is there a 'howto' or somethin for buying with the X-plan? I will have an x-plan available in June for me, and I'd kind of like to know what I am getting myself into in advance. Also, how much is the x-plan going to save me? about 1500 off MSRP? Is X-plan able to combine with any other offers? There is the 'national quarter horse association', that if you are a member for 30 days before you buy, you get 500 bucks as a rebate on ANY ford vehicle. This includes the mustang.
  18. Good point Contrarian. People paying MSRP+ who tend to turn their cars over in 1-3 years are going to take it in the shorts on depreciation (could be upside down on their loan). Banks will loan up to MSRP+TLF depending on credit rating. But, impetuous people are not famous for thinking through all of the ramifications before they act.
  19. If you are eligible, you can read all about it at How it works.

  20. Yep....my MSRP sticker, on the right side, last line item under OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT header says.....

    TAG 000A000 and then my first intial and last name.

    Makes it look like it was made espectially for me.

    Kind of cool.