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  1. First, find a dealer that will accept X plan. I don't think aftermarket accessories are subject to X plan pricing.
  2. read and believe all of what graphicguy has said. he is very accurate on this.

    FYI, ford told us yesterday that we could not get any more gt's, coupe or convertibles. the end is here.we have six in the order bank that they will pick up and build, but will accept no new orders from us.as i posted last week "the end is near" the end is here.
  3. I did find a dealer that does X-Plan, actually I found two dealers in SA. One of the dealers my Corp buys our fleet trucks & vans from so they kinda bend over backwards to the Corp. employees. Last night I went into the dealer and found a brochure that mentions X-Plan customers get discounts on accessories and service work. But I wonder if that includes accessories from Steeda or Rouch. One dealer here in SA has about 6 Rouch 2005 Mustangs on the lot. They are asking $34K for them but it’s nothing more than an appearance package. “All show no go” I guess I have a lot to learn before pulling the trigger on buying my GT. I have time through, still need to sell by BMW first.
    I’m looking for the most coast effective way to buy a 2005 GT with strips and a functional hood scoop (cold air intake). I can always add stuff later. I’ll keep reading stuff on this forum to figure it out.

  4. Hey Yellow-any rumors about new options on the 06 stangs. I'm thinking maybe heated seats on the vert; satellite radio; new exterior colors-inquiring minds want to know.

    When will 06 production begin and when will ford start taking 06 orders?
  5. Another forum said that '06 production starts August 8. Assuming I can get the wife to agree, I'm hoping to be in line for a titanium GT. (She's concerned about the "practicality" of hauling kids around if her Volvo XC90 isn't available. Practicality.... BAH!)

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  6. Is that thumbnail titanium?

    On your wife's practicality concerns--I was at a car show last night, and I was checking out a gt vert w/ top down. This guy walks up and plops his 3 yr old down in the back seat. The kid's feet were up against the seat back, so maybe that back seat is good for groceries and gym bags.

    I haven't told my wife this story since we have a 3 yr old I was hoping could ride in back. But that's why my wife has a honda pilot and yours has a Volvo xc90. Once your kids see your gt they will never want to ride in the volvo again.
  7. I actually took my two year old to a local dealership, took his shoes off and threw him the back of a V6 that was on the floor. It seemed like there was decent room for him, but I think with a car seat he'd be eating his knees. The only possible pitch I can make to the wife is that if I'm transporting him alone, the passenger seat can get moved up to make room for him. Not sure what kind of argument I could make if the stork brings us baby number two. No way a rear facing seat will fit back there.

    And yes, the thumbnail is titatium. Here's a link to a bunch of pics of it. I hope the rumor is true, because that color is awesome!

  8. I think that would be a dealer discount, and not a Ford (X-plan) discount.

    There are dealers around here who give customers who bought vehicles form them, "token" or "appreciation" discounts at the parts counter. There are dealers who give discounts to employees of large companies nearby.

    And, there are dealers who give discounts to members of local Mustang clubs. :nice: