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  1. My wife's current company qualifies for X-plan pricing and we've actually gotten a PIN for the GT we plan to order at the end of August. In addition, we've already been in contact with the dealership and salesman we'll work with on it.

    However, it looks like my wife may pursue a job at a company that will not have X-plan availability. My question is whether or not we'll still qualify for X-plan on our order if my wife switches jobs before we order. (And yes, I'd love to run down and order the car before she potentially switches jobs, but that's not an option for us.)

    Anybody got a hard answer for this one? Thanks in advance.
  2. ask the dealer about the requirements for the X plan pin.
  3. The dealer is responsible to verify her employment at the time of vehicle delivery.

    I know they got a lot tighter about this too. Back when I got my Mustang under the x-plan, a business card was considered acceptable proof. It isn't any longer.
  4. They want a recent pay stub. Im in the same boat, i might have a new job buy the time my stang gets here.
  5. If you wouldn't mind, could you please PM me with your experience? I'm very interested to hear what you find.

  6. The only thing I require for Xplan is the pin from the employer. We trust the customers and we dont require a paystubb.
    I doubt it that you would have any problems, unless the dealership is too picky , in which case you should take your business elsewhere....
  7. i just gave my dealer my pin and that was the end of it, got my car for x-plan price and walked out the door with my keys when the car came in.
  8. The internet sales manager I dealt with over the phone only required the pin. I asked if I needed to bring a pay stub, but was told it wasn't necessary. When we got there to pick up the car a completely different person (obviously in charge of xplan) asked if I had my company ID with me. I'm glad I brought my current pay stub with me or else I might have been driving an hour back with no mustang.

    At any rate don't try and fool the dealer and if one person says they only need the pin don't believe it. It states clearly on fordpartners.com that you need company id or a recent pay stub.
  9. Employees can pass on a limited number of x-plans each year to friends. The employee submits the friend's Social Security number and gets a PIN which is then used to purchase the vehicle. The friend certainly wouldn't need to show a paystubb. I was the friend and had no problem getting my 2005 V6.
  10. are a and z plans different? We had to call and have a z plan put in with my name and SSN...then we got the pin and gave it to the dealer.