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  1. I have x-plan available to me through the MCA. In the X-plan rules it says that before I talk to a salesman about any car that I must inform them that I intend to use the x-plan.

    My question is.... does it seem within the rules to go to one dealership and try to work out a deal and see if I can get a better deal than x-plan pricing at separate dealership?
  2. I would tell the dealer you have X plan. If they can beat that, they will. I have used X plan for several purchases and never had a problem.
  3. Try negotiating the price first, as soon as you mention the x plan then that is a set price and that's what they sell it for. If you're getting a GT then the x plan will save you between 3-4K, a V-6 will save you about 1800 to 2K all depending on options on the car. At least that's how it was from my experience, the more expensive the car was then the more they took off with the x plan. See how low you can get the price w/o mentioning the x plan and if it's not at least 3K less then I'd go with the x plan. I got mine early in the year so they weren't budging on the price that much which is why I went with the x plan. It saved me $3700.
  4. Do you happen to have your sheet that shows what the prices were for each option? I know it's invoice - .4% but all I can find is the online invoice pricing so I'd like to see if the numbers that I'm coming up with are even close to right.

    I am going to buy a 2012 GT Premium with 401a, comfort package and possibly the backup cam.

  5. You can find the invoice pricing here:

    2012 Ford Mustang Coupe GT Premium Price With Options

    X-Plan is invoice -.4% + a $275 admin fee.

    I don't suspect that you will be able to find a dealer willing to beat x-plan on a 2012 for a while but you may find one willing to go lower on a 2011.

    It was intended to take all of the negotiation out of buying a new Ford but the dealerships will still negotiate your trade-in value so it's worth checking out multiple dealerships. When I was going around dealerships a few months ago the appraisals for my trade in ranged from $1200 to $1900 for a 2001 Hyundai Tiburon Automatic with 112000 miles.

    Personally, I highly recommend looking for a used model before you make your decision. You could end up saving thousands of dollars and Ford's warranty is fully transferable. (The complimentary travel-link is not transferable though as it's linked to a cell phone number)
  6. I based my numbers on the Edmunds pricing but everything I've read in my research says that the online "invoice pricing" is different from the dealer invoice. It's probably close enough.

    I think I'm just going to go in and do x-plan and be done with it... it seems like a fair price.

    No trade in this case, just cash down and a loan from my credit union.
  7. The difference between online and at the dealership is the Ford Dealer Advertising Fund (FDAF) fee. All of the dealers in your area are going to be the same for that. In the Phoenix area it's a little under $500 per new vehicle.