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  1. Just wondering if anyone has actually bought a new Mustang under the X-Plan. I called 4 different Ford dealers in my area and they wouldn't even deal with me when I told them I wanted to use the X-Plan. Town West Ford In McGregor Texas has the color and options (Mineral Gray, Blk Charcoal, 5 Speed GT) on order but would not even consider negotiating below msrp.

    Another dealership in Gateville Texas told me it would be 6 months before they would allow X-Plan sells.

    Finally Burt Kultgen Ford in Waco told me employees aren't even getting discount plans on any new Mustangs. As an example he explained that one of the Financial services guys had to pay full msrp on his.

    I basically told them all that it was fine, I'd just wait until the 18" wheels are offered and try again.

    As a note, only one of the dealers even bothered to get my name and number. Town West Ford in McGregor.

  2. He is full of ****!
  3. Keep trying.

    I emailed just about every dealership in my state (Oregon). Most were marking up 1-2k over MSRP. I finally reached some that were giving MSRP, and then I just got in contact with one that offered me invoice +$500.

    So just keep emailing around. You should hit something. Just be willing to travel a bit (the one that game me invoice +$500 is about 2 hours away).
  4. Keep searching. The dealer isn't required to give you an X-Plan price offer
  5. My local dealer wouldn't let me use the X plan either. They also told me maybe in 6 months. I did get it at MSRP.
  6. I ordered mine with the X-Plan. No problem at all, took all of 30 minutes to process my order. The salesman even re-did my selection with a fully loaded GT
    Deluxe rather than the GT premium and saved about $150 :rlaugh:

    Here is his info:
    Bryan Mertz
    Internet Sales Manager
    Freedom Ford Norfolk, Virginia
    (W) 757-583-3673
    (e-mail) [email protected]
  7. I sell for a dealer in Evansville, IN. You can buy one on X-plan from us. Many salespeople don't want to mess with X, A, or Z plans because they get paid a commission on the gross of the sale. On A,X,Z deals the salesman makes nothing. Find a dealer (like ours) where salespeople don't work off commission. Maybe they'll help you. Good luck!
  8. I ordered a V6 deluxe under the A plan but on the order form there is the X plan price and from the original price of 20630 It brought it down to 19234.46 not bad.
  9. Whats an average GT cost with the Z plan?
  10. I was looking at a V6 auto. One dealer wantd $1500 over MSRP, the other dealer gave me the X-plan price, but I couldn't get enough on my trade-in. They were pretty honest though so I'll go back there when I have the cash.

    They went back and discussed, and came back and said they didn't feel it fair to change the x-plan agreement they had with the company I work at.

    Although if I'm buying a GT I'm not sure what they'd do. =)
  11. atlanta dealer sold me a gt on the Z plan. $27280 msrp $24142 -$1000 cash back from Ford = $23142 and no $489 fee. You have to go in person and deal and not expect them to deal over the PHONE !
  12. I'll be in Atlanta in two weeks, who did you deal with?
  13. They cannot deny you X or A plan. Its not the dealers decision. Fight it.
  14. I don't think the dealer wants to advertise they sell 05 Mustangs @ z plan , therefore it's not my call .
  15. Dealer's like referrals. Don't you think they can make that decision?
  16. Sammy at Town West Ford just called to tell me they just unloaded a red GT off the truck. Not the color I want but I'll go take a look at it and see if I can budge them off msrp. ;)

  17. most delers i talked to will let me order one using x-plan but alot of crazy people are buying these cars over msrp. they buy them before i can get a chance to test drive one, which i think is a requirement before deciding to buy. they will not let me buy one that they are already taking delivery on. because they know a crazy person will pay over msrp. even though over 150k of these cars will be make this year into 2005. a dealer is not required to participate in the x-plan but it is foolish not to because it is a gauranteed sale and it is easy. sales people make about $75 on the sale, while if some sucker pays over msrp they make several thousands of dollars. x-plan is a reasonable price the car i want to order will cost $28 over invoice. which is nice because i don't have to beat them down on the price and waste several hours while he and his boss talk about the weather this weekend. most other models you can buy at lower than dealer invoice but the markup on the mustang isn't as much. my advice is if you encounter a stupid dealer who will not let you use the x-plan to order a car then keep looking until you find one who will. don't expect them to sell you a car that they are already getting delivered at x-plan they will most likely save it and sell it to a crazy person who will pay over msrp.
  18. plan sales not required

    Hey guys, I used to sell for a Ford Dealer. Dealers are not required to honor AXZD plan sales. It is dealer discretion whether or not they participate in the program. The only instance that I can recall in the last couple years of Ford Corporate intervention was during MY2002 on Thunderbird. Ford would not accept any plan sales, not even A-plan. It has been my experience through the dealer that I worked for that Most dealers will sell the stang a-plan, but not on x right now. Reason being, dealers only make 2% on x plan deals vs. the 6% on AZD plans. I'd say if you really want it on the x-plan, jsut wait a few months till the cars start piling up on the lots. when they have a dozen on the lot and you have a PIN, they'll be a lot more willing to sell it x-plan. Any other questions on Plan deals, feel free to ask. 80% of my deals were Plan deals. My dealer was quite close to 2 Ford plants.
  19. Just got back from the Ford dealer. The car was still under PDI so I couldn't drive it. I found the seating comfortable, the clutch really light, the shifter smoothe and the bright Red Exterior WAY too loud for me. The car sounds awesome and the I found it car looks even more appealing in person than from the pictures. Dealer still would not consider anything but full msrp.

    Since I went to test drive 'something' I test drove a '02 Silver GT with light gray Leather interior and a mach 1000 system. 5 Speed. 20k miles. 6 year Warranty. $18k with some room. Very tempting deal for me.

    Thanks for all the reply's on how the X-Plan works by the way.


  20. In Atlanta,

    I talked to a salesperson at Team Ford in Marietta that was willing to order one on XPlan for me. I also talked to Chestatee Ford and they were willing to do the same. You may want to try Gwinett Place Ford. They said they would be willing to sell me one off the lot on XPlan.

    Do not go to Team Ford at Northpoint. I am dealing with them now they are a pain. Do not go to World Ford in Sandy Springs. They will not sell one for less that MSRP.