X-Plan vs. Haggling

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  1. I've searched through the site reading posts regarding X-Plan pricing, and I still don't know the exact discount you receive. I've read 9% off MSRP, 5% over invoice, 5% under invoice, etc - you get the drift. Anyone have any hard facts on exactly how much the X-Plan takes off if I walked into my dealership today, stated I had the X-Plan pin, and wanted to order a 2007 Mustang with said options? Also, if you don't know someone who works for Ford can you still find an X-Plan pin, or are you SOL?

    If anyone wants to chime in about how good of a price they got on their Mustang GT Premiums via haggling, I'd be interested to know. I of course would like to take the route that requires me shelling out the least amount of money - go figure :D .

    So in your opinion, X-Plan vs. Haggling, who's going to win?
  2. Depends on the dealer and if you are trading anything in. I was told x plan gets you the price the dealer pays. That does not include volume discounts, holdbacks and a bunch of other stuff. Ford also pays each dealer $200 or $300 or so for each vehicle it sells on an x plan. My dealer will honor an x plan but what he allows you on a trade decreases by about $1,000 or so. That way he can make up what he didn't make on the new car by selling your trade-in.
    Compare dollars to dollars. I figure an x plan with a trade would save me $300 to $400. Without a trade an x plan would save me about $1,500 on a new Fusion for my daughter.
    The savings also varies from vehicle to vehicle. And on some vehicles the dealer may not accept x plan. Many didn't accept it at first on the 2005 Mustang. Mine did and I saved about $1,000 off sticker.
  3. I used x plan and i got the car for $35 under invoice and 500 cash back on a 07 GT. In total i saved a little more then $2400
  4. I did an internet sales deal on my '06 GT Premium and not only did I get the 0% APR/72 months, but it was also $500 under invoice at $27,750. The only thing that kept it from being fully loaded were the 18" wheels.