X-plan--what is it exactly?

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  1. I called the dealer today to get a update on my car. He told me the build date was pushed back. So, I asked if he had the final price on the car. He said the car was $28,800 MSRP, but Im on X-plan so the price would be less or something like that.

    But, what is x-plan? I see people talking about it on here, but what is it exactly?
  2. How do you have xplan and not know what it is; anyway here it is in a nutshell. Xplan is given to employees of Ford to give to their non-immediate family members or friends and to companies that are tied into Ford for themselves or family or friends. It usually comes out to a discounted price of slightly over invoice, about $500 over, depending on the car. It is actually calculated by adding 4% of the Aplan price onto the Aplan price; which is a different and better deal. Hope that helps.
  3. Ok, I know now. Dont know how I got X-plan though. I work for Saab and I dont know anyone who works for Ford. Well, my sisters boyfriend has family that does. But, I dont think he said anything to them about it.
  4. What was your orginal build date?
  5. November 29th