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  1. Does anyone know where I could find the X-plan pricing before I go to the dealer?
  2. I don't think they announced any pricing yet, for the public or for any of the plans. I know for a fact MSRP and invoice have not be set so it stands to reason that the plan pricing is not out yet either. I expect a bunch of information to be released between Spet 1 and 7. Just a hunch.
  3. I guess what I really meant was after they come out with the pricing where could I get the X-plan pricing, so I know the dealer is really giving it to me. Even though to my understanding they have to show it to you but I still dont trust them.
  4. I can't remember where I found it on the 03/04 models. But I think it is a percentage under msrp.
  5. Once the pricing is released the x plan price can be found at www.fordpartner.com

    This is the site for employees of companies that are part of the Ford Partner Recognition program. I get the x plan through my job.

    You need your companies 5 digit alpha/numerical code to log in.

    If you dont know it, check with your H.R. dept.

    Here's the pricing blurb from the site

    Home > How It Works > Plan Rules > Pricing


    The Partner Recognition Program offers substantial savings on most Ford Motor Company vehicles. Partner pricing varies by brand, as follows:

    X-Plan Pre-determined price based on Ford Employee ("A-Plan") price.
    The X-Plan price is noted on the dealer invoice (except for
    Land Rover and Jaguar)

    Ford/Mercury A-Plan + 4% + $150
    Lincoln A-Plan + 4% + $250
    Volvo A-Plan + 2%
    Land Rover Invoice plus 4% of Invoice (excluding Regional Advertising Group fee and destination & delivery fee).
    Jaguar Invoice plus 4% of Invoice (excluding Advertising Association Fee and destination & delivery fee).

    For specific vehicle plan pricing, visit the Vehicles & Pricing page. Pricing of in-stock dealership inventory is available for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealerships. Detail pricing sheets are available for Volvo, Mazda, Jaguar and Land Rover.

    S-Plan Pre-determined price based on Mazda Employee price ("E-Plan") and noted on the dealer invoice

    Mazda E-Plan + 5.3%

    For actual pricing on in-stock vehicles visit your local dealership. Click here to see some examples.

    The dealer is required to provide you with a true copy of the factory invoice showing the Partner Recognition Program price in the box labeled "X Plan"(not displayed for Land Rover or Jaguar, labeled as "S Plan" for Mazda). You should also receive a complete and signed New Vehicle Purchase Plan and Pricing Sheet showing each item and its price (form slightly different for Volvo and Mazda). This form is not provided for Jaguar or Land Rover vehicles. Do not sign this form if it is blank or if you do not understand how the price was calculated. To view or print a copy of this form, click on the links found on the main page of "How it works" under "Forms".

    The dealership may NOT charge separately for document preparation or other administrative services incidental to the delivery of the vehicle. These expenses are considered to be part of the dealer's normal cost of doing business for which the dealership is compensated by the commission paid.

    The dealership may charge any price negotiated between the dealer and the customer for undercoating, dealer installed options, extended service contracts and other items or services that add value to the vehicle, provided such items are priced separately and listed individually on the retail buyer's order and the New Vehicle Purchase Plan and Pricing Sheet.
    Note: Partner Recognition customers may not accept items or services as an inducement or reward in connection with an "X Plan" sale or lease.

    The customer is responsible for all federal, state, and local taxes, license and title fees.

    The Ford Partner Recognition customer is entitled to X-Plan pricing on eligible vehicles in effect at the time the vehicle was invoiced. Any money refunded to the dealer by Ford Motor Company for price increases occurring after the order is submitted, but before shipment to the dealer, must be refunded to the customer. From time to time Ford Motor Company may offer incentives or rebates. Unless specifically approved and announced by the company, incentives or rebates are not available to New Vehicle Purchase Plan customers. Ask your dealer for details.

    The dealership may require the Partner Recognition Program customer to make a deposit when placing a vehicle order. Some or all of this deposit may be retained by the dealership if the customer declines to accept delivery of the product ordered. An agreement in writing should be reached with the dealership concerning the amount of the deposit and the conditions under which it may be retained by the dealership if the transaction is not completed.

    Lease transactions may require a refundable security deposit. The security deposit is held until the end of the lease and is refunded, provided that the lease terms have been satisfied. The deposit is usually equal to one month's payment, rounded to the next $25/$50.
    * The X-Plan price is printed on the dealer's copy of the new vehicle invoice, which may be reviewed by the participant.

    The dealer will show the customer a copy of the invoice to confirm pri
  6. If I remember correctly, not all dealers have to honor the xplan. They can choose not to provide a vehicle through the xplan pricing. Just wouldnt make sense cause ford kicks them back the difference. just FYI.

    I got my 02 mustang through the xplan, very smooth process.