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  1. Ive seen people mentioning the "X Plan" for awhile now. Can anyone tell me what it is. And how I would go about asking my dealer about it? Thanks guys
  2. X plan

    People who work at ford and there close family gets a A-plan. Employes can give neightors and friends A X-plan A plan is better but x-plan is also good
  3. Use the search button, been covered many times.
  4. i would be more than happy to give you one but these asswipe moderators banned me................ouch
  5. Hey polkthug thanks for the reply man. Ive only been here since 2001 so I had no idea about a "search" option. Anyways keep up the good work making StangNet forums a better place. Major props dude.:hail2:

  6. No problem, I'll answer your easy questions all day long.

  7. X-plan is pretty sweet - got my V6 Premium for 21,520 (MSRP 23,030). You just have to know someone who can hook you up.
  8. And a dealer willing to take it.