X-Plans all the same?

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  1. Just a simple question for those of you who know about how the x-plans work.
    Are they all the same price no meatter where u get it or can the prices change from dealer to dealer? :shrug:

    I ask this cause I spect out a gt that was a prem + iup, side air bags and active anti theft and it was more than others on here whose cars were bout the same but cheaper than the quote I recived.

  2. X Plan

    I was told they're all the same. Should save you about $2500.
  3. Tell me what dealer it is, and the car options and I'll dig up the current x-plan price for it.
  4. i could not get my x-plan discount. ford not giving x-plan on gt. unless they withdrew the hold since i took delivery last month. check with you dealer.
  5. Its the dealer's choice on whether to honor the x-plan, not Ford.
  6. Yes... depends entirely on the dealer. Ford has no say, but each dealer can make the X-Plan call. I'm driving 1000 miles one way to get X-Plan on my GT!

    As I understand it, X-Plan is Dealer invoice + 4% + $150.

    However, for my car, the dealer showed X-plan was exactly $7.03 above invoice :rlaugh:
  7. X-Plan is A-plan plus 4% + 150. My GT was = to Invoice minus 9.25%
  8. The only vehicle for which Ford isn't allowing plan pricing right now, is the Escape Hybrid. As far as Ford is concerned, plan pricing is available on Mustangs, but you need to find a dealer who will do it (it is optional).

    If you are lucky enough to find a dealer that says they will honor plan prices (like X-plan) on a Mustang GT, don't leave without both of you signing Ford's form!!!! That obligates the dealer to deliver the plan vehicle to you, and also obligates you to accept delivery.
  9. X Plan

    I have found at least 2 dealers in the Cincinnati area that said they would order an '06 GT 'vert for me on the X plan