X Vs. H Pipe.

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Which do you prefer?

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  1. I'm running an '06 GT that will shortly be receiving an intercooled, centrifugal supercharger and BBK long tubes. At the moment, it has Magnaflow axleback exhaust, and I'll be trying it out with the blower and headers, but am unsure which mid-pipe to get. It'll definitely be the offroad version, but I can't decide between X and H. I like the X-pipe's ability to better balance the exhaust banks, but I hear that it can create a somewhat raspy sound (like a ricecar). Preferences? Any truth to the "raspy" exhaust note of the X-pipe?
  2. I have American Racing long tubes with a X, no rasp, although X will change to higher tone vs an H. The advantage to an X is it balances both banks like you said regardless of mods and tune etc.... For an H to work 100% efficiency you need to add all the mods you want and run the car, the lift it find where the hot spots are on exhaust and then place your H connection there so it can cross flow properly
  3. I had a Bassani offroad X pipe on my supercharged fox body and I loved the sound of it outside the car, but absolutely hated it from inside the car. Sounded horribly raspy and kind of like you have an exhaust leak (I didn't). As much as I liked the sound outside the car, I will never have an X pipe again.
  4. You have to have good mufflers. I chose a set of Bullitt axlebacks very quiet when I cruise and Muscle car sound at WOT.
  5. I have Magnaflow axlebacks that are fairly conservative at idle and low engine load, but really start to scream when you open it up. I'm hoping that the long tubes and O/R midpipe will produce a more aggressive idle tone, but if it doesn't give me what I want, I have my eye on the Bassani Race mufflers. That being said, I don't want an exhaust that's TOO loud, as I drive through security gates everyday that are manned by the actual fuzz (not rent-a-cops). Any experience with the Bassani Race mufflers? Part of me thinks that the Bassani Street axleback might bridge the gap between the Magnaflows and the unrestricted "race" mufflers.

  6. In reference to the "higher tone", are you talking about that higher pitched "scream" when you go WOT? I've always been a fan of that sound...reminds me of a tuned, exhaust note that you'd hear on a high-end V12 or an Indy car.
  7. MMMmmmm not like a exotic Italian super car, it still has American Muscle tone but yeah a similar style. Something like cars racing Continental Tyre GT series.
  8. Awesome! That's just the sound I'm looking for! X-pipe, it is. I'll make sure to get some feedback up here after I get the parts and do the install.
  9. Here you go: BBK shorty headers/X pipe and Bassani Street Mufflers.
  10. I use the frpp GTB muffler. Like them a lot.
  11. Alrighty, I'm finally back. It took me a while to have the time to perform all the work (and I actually got a bit more in depth with it than I cared to...new cylinder heads and timing assembly), but my car now sounds disgusting. I went with Kooks long tubes and their catted x-pipe, tied into my Magnaflow exhaust combined with Detroit Rocker cams, C&L Racer intake, and a Brenspeed tune. Idle is rough and low pitched, audible and bassy like an old muscle car, but not so loud that it's annoying. Cruise and part throttle is very smooth with a bit more volume, and WOT absolutely screams. The pitch increases, it produces a very aggressive tone, and it gets down right inappropriately loud. I'm quite satisfied, but a little piece of me wants to try out the Corsa exhaust, since it's so high pitched and awesome. We'll see. But Kooks long tubes and an x-pipe is amazing. A bit pricey, but unlike BBK, MAC, and a lot of similar header/mid-pipes, it's actually stainless steel rather than ceramic coated mild steel. They'll last a solid 10 years.
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  12. Look around if you want to try Corsa's. I got the extreme's used for a lot less than new. And they were barely a year old and looked brand new
  13. I got offroad x pypes with outlaw axel back and sound great and loud, when I hit 3k she screams lol
  14. I always keep an eye out for quality, used parts but i haven't had much luck.