X2C coil over kit

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  1. Anyone used this X2c coil over kit, what do you think about them? I am considering buying them, cheap like 260 or so.
  2. I just installed mine. I think they make excellent products, especially for the price compared to like D&D or Granatelli. I have'nt driven on them yet tho. I'm hopin to get my car runnin by new years.
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    Do they just mount over your current shocks or do you need to get new ones. They look like they are nice products. I may get a set soon.....
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  5. It just depends. Most kits (front and rear) will fit over stock shocks and struts. However, I highly recommend you change the shocks and struts all the way around to match whatever application you are using them for... street, strip or auto-x. The stock shocks and struts are good, but that is just it, they are stock and most likely old and used. I think I paid just over 1300.00 for C/O's all the way around to include struts. Just do some research and find out which kit will serve you best.

    I converted my rear to C/O with tubular upper and lower control arms this past weekend and the ride is awesome. I am working on the front right now as well as hiding wires in the engine bay. When I am finished, everything suspension wise will have been replaced. I can't wait see how it rides.

  6. $400 for front and rear minus shocks and struts doesnt seem too bad. but if you buy the drag race kit, how does it handle on the street. as well the road race kit, how will it handle on the street/strip.
  7. not to step on anyones feet or anything, but just because soemthing "looks" nice does not mean it functions the same.

    Hope i didnt piss anybody off with that comment and please dont take it the wrong way
  8. You are exactly right Timmy! You get what you pay for. MM, Griggs, X2C, Granatelli, D&D, Ground Pounder etc... they are all names that are well known. IMO, MM is the best, but that is just m 2 cents.

    So far, I have never heard anything bad about any of the above mentioned companies. Regardless of what people think, there are some good deals out there, but you have to do your research.

  9. Not sure, but replacing the springs in the rear is pretty easy. Should take no more than 30 minutes total, once you get used to it. Believe it or not, it is really easy! I bought the Street springs for my C/O kit.

  10. Peopel have broken things from griggs and MM and every other company. No part is invincible.
  11. X2C front & rear coil overs for like $260. I used Strange adjustable struts($111.42 ea) & Lakewood 50/50 rear shocks($38.95ea). Everything went together really smooth & everything looks really nice. I agree too that Griggs & Maximum makes some of the best stuff, but it's really expensive. Altho I do have MM's C/C plates.
  12. Where'd you find that price on the X2C C/O kit, i know i wont be the only intrested one

  13. That sounds like the exact setup I'm looking at, so are you pleased? give us more details.
    Thank you.
  14. I found em on sale at corral.net in the for sale section/suspension. I haven't driven on them yet, but am pleased w/the fit & finish. My friend has em too & he's happy w/the way his car rides. For the price u can't beat em. Remember when just for the rear kit, Granatelli's were $300? Check out www.x2cmotorsports.com video section & see their cars in action. There's an amazing 9sec '95 vert in there pulling a 2nd gear wheelie! I think they race all the parts they sell & all their cars are Tremec equipped!
  15. I was just on corral, they're going for-$269 plus shipping front & rears.
  16. anyone have X2C control arms? They look pretty strong but it doesnt say anything about about the steel being coated, so wont they rust up in a few weeks like that?
  17. Yeah I got those too! They have a beautiful silver powder coating on them & the welds look really good. I got mine for $149 for uppers & lowers! That's what u used to be able to get just lowers for! They use real Energy Suspension bushings on them too. Only thing I didn't like is that they don't have the zerk fittings like some of the other brands, but reguardless IMO are the best deal on control arms & come lubed from the factory already anyways.
  18. are coil-overs a bolt on? im ordering the kit from X2C Motorsports, and was wondering what else is needed to bolt these on. I know there kits dont work with stock rear shocks so i know that i need shocks that will adapt to them. I also know I need C/C plates up front. Do i need anything else to bolt them on? Thanks!
  19. If it lowers the car you may need offset rack bushings.
  20. They're a direct bolt on. As for the rears, u need a big drill bit to open up 2 holes for the mounting brackets to fit on each side of the rear end housing. When I get my subframes welded, I'm gonna have these rear mounting brackets welded on too (even better!)... As for any coil over conversion, I'd get C/C plates for sure. All the front end weight will be supported by your strut towers now... As for offset rack bushings, I hear mixed reviews. Maximum Motorsports recommends standard not offset, regardless if your car is lowered or not.