x2c motorsports and fox t/b ?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by dstanggt50, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. Im wanting to do the fox t/b conversion, did the search, found useful pics and everyhting, but I thought x2c motosports sold an entire kit, but there webpage is down and the phone # that I had for them is disconnected. I guess they are out of business? Reason why I'm wanting to do this swap is because of the vortech s trim, the tube that goes from the t/b looks really restrictive. Any other places sell kits, or am I going to have to scrounge for parts?

  2. x2c is no longer doing business they stole some money from people including $700.00 from me!!!!!!!!! :( you opened up old wounds!!!!!!!
  3. x2c is no more and most people just peice together there swap. Look at the sticky up top labled 94/95 FAQ it has a write up at the end of what is needed and how to do it.
  4. As was said, X2C is no more. Onebad95 is the only person I know of that actually ran the kit that X2C sold with his S trim. Its nothing you couldn't piece together on your own.
  5. They took 1500 from me for a new TKO600. I was able to apeal through my credit card and get it back. But that was right after they closed last summer... They or somebody else reopened an import shop at the same place. im pretty sure it was them.
  6. Paul's right, I did this swap over the winter and it wasn't too bad. I even kept cruise control by swapping the cruise cable to a fox one. A combination of new parts and a few junkyard bits and I'm good to go.