X2C Motorsports-before you order please read.

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  1. what i do , if you know the guys name and state he lives in is go to www.zabasearch.com
    you'll be able to get his HOME addres and phone number then call durring the day maybe he has wife, threaten them with a lawsuit or a visit to thier house if you dont get the refund and just keep calling everyday till you get what you want. good luck
  2. Is there anything you would have done differently to avoid this in the future? I did business long-distance with a company in Texas. I checked to see how many years they had been in business and spoke with a few people there to make sure they were service oriented. Guess I still could have been screwed considering the distance but it has turned out well so far. They sent me the engine seems fine, had a broken bolt in the head and they are sending out an entire new head and gaskets.
  3. I live in southern california about 1/2 hour from their store, maybe i should take a trip down there and see if theyre even still open
  4. Sorry to hear all of this... :nonono: BUT
    A little birdie told me they went under...and took some customers with them...... :spot:
  5. You can still get your money in small claims, but it will probably take just as much to get back what you lost, a few of you. Im sorry guys, if I could, I would stick a garden hose up the guy's butt who did this to you guys, and then insert a barbed wire into the hose, and then pull the hose out, leaving the barbed wire in, and then pull very hard on the wire randomly. Oh yeah, and then throw some bleach on it. Or maybe I would just stick a curling iron in his butt and plug it in...Either way, these bastards must pay!! :fuss: :uzi:
  6. Talk about violent
  7. This is what i found on some other boards.

    x2c closed thier doors on 7/12. They charged some old customers before they closed and pulled some other bs. One guy who got a turbo kit from them got charged again just before they closed for a kit he got about a year ago. Most of the guys who had charges on thier credit card got thier money back.
  8. Another way to locate people (since i'm going through a similar ordeal with crmotorsports.com) is to go to a "who is" internet directory, and find out who the site is registered to. That'll give you their contact information, if it isn't the business contact. I ordered some TW heads, and haven't heard a thing in over two weeks, so I just looked them up, and I'm calling the website technical contact, and e-mailing them as well, after heading to the bank tomorrow to get my money back.
  9. their website mension nothing af closing..
  10. Would you do that if you were charging people right before you close?
  11. well, i wouldn't. i think thats not right. but then i'm not scum either

  12. Ditto. Remember: The squeaky wheel always get oiled. Call the CC Co. and find out the policy for disputing a charge. Besides 3 weeks is kind of fast. Hell, the credit card company probably hadn't sent the bill. DON'T GIVE UP. KEEP RATTLING THE CAGE. Good thing you used a credit card and not cash (cash is hard to get back). You do have recourse. You just talked to someone who probably don't know the policy. I'm mad with you. I hate when people try to get over like that. By the way which credit card company is it. Just One Man's Opinion. Peace

  13. Damn.
  14. wow that blows, those guys at X2C hooked me up with military discounts, upgraded free next day shipping etc.. on 3 different parts :( It saddens me to ehar that yet another internet retailer has become a dog.
  15. Just talked to a guy at Lorenzo's next door to X2C and he's said they've been closed almost two weeks...

    Writing the bank a letter. Pressing charges if I have to...
  16. apparently the guy who is supposed to be the contact for the website is

    Armon Javadi

    Looking that up on the ol' trusty WhitePages.com

    There are three Javadi's listed in the area. I called all three 2 said I had the wrong number and I believe them.

    One had to pass some screen and say my name. eventually I got an answering machine with a lady who told you to leave a message in English and Spanish.

    If it's the wrong number, hopefully she'll call back and let me know. I'm not going to post it because I don't know if it's the right number and it's easy enough for you to look up on your own. It's the only one in the area with a 818 area code. The other two had 310 area codes...

    If I get any more info I'll let you know...
  17. removed name; person not involved...
  18. Armon Javadi
    Dean Khial
    Eddie Rios
    Bobby Bakhtiari
    Manny Rodriguez

    Names lifted form X2C post on ModularFords.com thread
  19. Mark Luton runs ModularMustangRacing.com in oxnard and supposedly has been seperated from X2c since '04...
  20. THIS IS CORRECT!......... Mark made/ founded X2C ......He separated himself from those Cats like a year ago, he saw it coming. Armon is the one your looking for.... Should be easily located running around the LA area, but... he also has family in the middle east.
    I've known these guys for years ..since the 90s.....:nonono: same old tricks.
    MMR (Mark) is running a honest business and shouldn't be listed as an associate of X2C.