X2C Motorsports Fox Conversion Pics !!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by onebad95, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. Here are some pics of my X2C Motorsports Fox Conversion. Big thanks to the Armon, Dean and Eddie at X2C as well as Eades5.0 and Killercanary for convincing me this would look great on the car.

    I had my friend George paint the inlet pipe and coil with Dupont Chromolusion.

    Thanks Again :D

  2. damn that alt is sexy :D

    Looks great charles
  3. looks awesome man.
  4. Have you ran the car with the blower yet?


  5. No, not yet. Still have to get to the dyno and make sure the tune is O.K.
  6. :jaw: good job man!!! Can I borrow your car?
  7. It's it's so purdy [​IMG]
  8. How much was it?? Does it work for a N/A car? Can you post a link to it or something i couldnt find it on the site.
  9. Told you...looks way clean man!!!:)
  10. Damn that looks good, and clean just like Chris said. I can't wait to see the dyno/track numbers! That inlet pipe looks REALLY good!
  11. So did you lose your Cruise control? That would be the perfect addition to my car if you can keep the cruise control... Also the TPS and everything else hook up without any problems?
  12. Moneypit:

    You do lose the cruise, but I don't use it anyway. As far as the Tps, Iat, throttle cable. Everything comes with the kit. Was very easy to put together. The only thing I had to do was drill the holes in the plastic tps to get the voltage where I wanted it. No big deal, had to do that on my 89 Gt back in the day.


    They don't show it on their website. The kit was $500 and well worth it. It came with everything including a polished Accufab Throttle Body, New Tps, New Iac, New throttle cable. I figure to go buy all those parts new you would be somewhere close to that number. This way, it's a 1 stop shop with http://www.x2cmotorsports.com

  13. The security deposit would make you :puke:

    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  14. Wow, that has to be one of the cleanest looking engines I've ever seen :nice: . Just a couple quick questions, since the kit came with everything needed, did it come with any type of instructions? Also, how big of a TB comes with the kit? I plan on doing this when I get an Edelbrock Performer. Again, great looking car.

  15. Thanks, It will get cleaner over the next couple months. Only instructions were the one's telling you what wires to connect to the tps, since the fox plug doesn't match to our plug. I went to a local mustang junkyard and got a fox plug end for that. As far as the t.b. they asked me what size I wanted. I think they are flexible to a point on how big they will provide you with.
  16. Had you not gotten the Fox connection what would you have had to to? Just splice the wires? Thanks.

  17. Yes, just splice the wires. My thinking was that if I take the intake off I would have to reset the tps everytime or resplice wires.
  18. That does look pretty spiffy. Its a car that you really have to see in person, its amazing, Great job Charile :nice:

  19. Thanks Travis. Are you going to Tasca Saturday ??
  20. So....you're saying......there's a chance? :hail2: