X2CMotorsports... Im not too happy right now!!!

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  1. This morning i ordered a set of upper control arms off xtc motorsports. There website had them advertised as $69. Anyways I order them and with shipping it ends up being 97.xx I got to thinking later that that was a lot for shipping so i called them back up and they say they charged me 79 for them and 18.xx for shipping.

    I told them about the price difference on their website and they said well a phone order cost more. I was like What??? (not to mention the fact they don't offer a way to buy just the upper control arms off their site, they just give the price) Then he told me that If i would have told them about the difference in prices before i ordered they could have done something about it. He said i would get a $10 discount on my next order.. I let it go at that, not really happy but i let it go...

    Then i look at there website on how they figure shipping prices... ITs 5% of the cost of the order + a 5.95 handling fee... Now the shipping price doesn't add up either at all (69 or 79)... Actually i figured it out that they overcharged me about $10 more on shipping...

    I emailed them about this, but i doubt i get a responce...
    I have never heard of anybody charging more money because of a phone order...

    I should be getting these control arms for about 80 bucks instead im paying about 100... That 20 bucks could be used to put about a half tank of gas in... (man thats sad :bang: )
  2. I have dealt with them on a weekly basis without any problems. Theyve even given me discounts with all my orders to the $$$$ I have spend there. X2C is a top nothc company and have great customer service for a company that has only been in the game such a short while. Call and speak with Mark, be poilite and explain to him what the problem is, im sure hell be more then glad to help you out. Good luck.
  3. I think i figured out part of the problem.. They have two different types of control arm packages to offer. You get the same uppers in both packages.

    Anyways with the second package at the bottom of the website it gives the price for everything individual or package deal.. well that pricing doesn't match up very well. It is probably something that got left on there or not updated.

    Because it gives the price for the first package as 139 but if you look at the first package its actually 169... So really im mad about shipping now.. If you have a policy you should use it everywhere..

    BTW: I was polite when i called them back.. You just don't get anywere going off on unexpecting people.
  4. Brothers Performance did the exact same thing to me. They have different prices for catalog (mail in), internet and phone ordering. I don't get that. Plus they wanted to charge me $11 shipping for a $15 book.
  5. I feel your pain. This is the problem with shipping charges. Most companies do not want to take the time to look up your shipping zone and zip code while on the phone because it takes time. So many companies use a percentage of your order to charge for shipping. I personally do not subscribe to this because if your part only weighs 2 lbs. but costs $400 then you'll be paying $20 for shipping based on a 5% of price formula. It has happened to me before and I don't buy from that company anymore.

    Always look at the fine print to see if there are handling charges too. One of the reason a company may charge these is to make some of the profit back that was lost on that "Super low price" they offered to get the sale.
  6. The handling charge is the only real bad thing I have found with Summit. They claim to give you "free" shipping but then stick you with a handling fee of $8.95 WTF?

    I've always been willing to look past that though, because I couldn't ask for quicker shipping or better service. I still wish it truly would be FREE s&h though.
  7. I didn't mind there shipping policy at all.. 5% of $79 is 3.95. Add that too 5.95 and your looking at $9.90 Now i got charged almost double that for shipping... This is there own policy..

    Now if it was $69 like it should have been it would be even lower...
  8. That sux when that happens.[​IMG]
    Smile :D here is some extra money for you [​IMG]
  9. that looks like another avatar for me.. hehehe
  10. That's bogus man, I would call them back.
  11. I work for avery here in ohio in there sample dept and we ship out about 100 packages a day we get a deal on ups shipping on the backside when all the paper work is done but what i see on our ups shipping computer is the price anyone would pay to ship. we don't charge a handling fee for me to go pick something off a shelf so i would say the handling charge anywhere is just a way to fatten their pockets. here is an example I sent a 25lb package ground to illinois for $7.65, a 23lb package to missouri going ground is $7.66, a 20lb package to the boston area is $5.27 going ground. all the co's send there stuff ground unless you tell them 2nd day or overnite which will really cost you! what you may want to do is get an ups account and have them bill your account see if that makes a difference in $. I think shipping costs are a scam!