X3 tuner question???

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  1. This probally falls under the Noob category, but I just got my tuner and I have never used one, so bare with me!

    Ok, I bought a used X3 tuner. Its unlocked. It has some custom tunes for a different strategy than my PCM has. I'm not worried about the tunes and dont plan on using them. I will contact AM when Im ready for my own custom tunes, I just dont have the cash for it right now.

    Can I change my tire size with this tuner even thought its currently set up for a different strategy? Can I do this? Does the strategy affect the user adjustable parameters? Or will I have to have the new tire size incorporated with a new tune?

    Thanks guys.
  2. Actually, I have almost the exact same question, I'm going form 235/50R18 to 255/45R18 and I want to do the same thing with my X3. I have the revolutions per mile number, and I THOUGHT there was a way to do this with the X3, but when I plugged it in the other night I couldn't find a way to do it.

  3. I'm going from the 17inch 235's to some 255-45-18's up front and 285-40-18's out back. I was gonna try and recalibrate the speedo with the X3. But I dont think we can do it without actually tuning the car.

    I think I'm just gonna put the wheels and tires on and worry about the recalibration when I get my tune for the other goodies I have waiting to go on. Its only a tire swap, its not like I put a 4:10 in the car and have the speedo way off.
  4. SCT Website says for the X3

    User Adjustable Features:
    • WOT Fuel Adjustment • Idle RPM
    • Spark Adjustment • Transmission Shift Points
    • Axle Ratio • Fuel Injector Size
    • Tire Size - Rev / Mile • Air Intake Selection
    • Cooling Fan Temps • Traction Control On / Off
    • Rev / Speed Limiters • Two StepOn / Off RPM
    * Not all adjustments available on all vehicles

    You can browse around their Site, if you have Adobe or something that opens PDF you can download the User Manual, that might be of some help :)

    Best of luck :nice:
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