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  1. i have a 2006 gt auto with magnaflow exhaust (too quiet) and kn intake today i got the x2 hand held tuner---- i have it on the 87 octane program and wow what a difference on throttle response and shifts i cant imagine it with 93 octane one question though the sales guy kind of scared the hell out of me he said if the ford service guys reprogram my computer (without me knowing) and i go to put a tune in my car will die !!!!!!!!!! the sales guy just said to be sure and tell the service guy about the tune and not to add any new tune when he works on it. :shrug: has this guy ever been to a dealer for service - just cause you tell the first guy something does not mean everyone gets the message any suggestions. thanx stangnet rules-- best mustang site on the net !
  2. Where'd you buy the tuner? If you have to drop the car off for service have the service writter make a note of it. A buddy did so and they still reflashed the computer. The dealer ended up buying him new tunes for the new code. They also sell a cover for the ODBII port that says "Do not reflash - Consult Owner" :nice:
  3. thumper who sells a cover for it ?? your car looks great -black wheels on a black car awesome
  4. Brenspeed can probably get it for you.
  5. Just use the tuner to read your strategy code. Write this down somewhere. Before reloading a tune, check your strategy code. If it's not the same code you wrote down, you've been reflashed.

    At that point DO NOT reload the tune, until you get new tunes to match the new strategy code.

    I recheck my strategy code every time anyone with a name sewn on their shirt touches my car.
  6. Can you load your stock tune back on the car for services ? I have not had service yet, but I was wondering about it..

    Though the cover on the port sounds like a good ideal.
  7. ALLOYGT is that picture at redrocks????
  8. ALLOY GT i appologize if this sounds like a stupid question but.... how do i get the strategy code would you mind giving me a brief descrip on how to thanx boomer