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  1. Hey fellas, I did an H/C/I on my 93 lx with aluminum gt40 turbo swirl heads, gt40 intake, e303 cam, and i used the 93 cobra electronics (x3z ecu, 24# injectors, and the 93 cobra 70mm MAF calibrated for the 24# injectors) but my 93 was a 5 speed. It worked great and I loved the setup so now I am doing a very similar setup on a buddys SN95 but the only difference is its got an automatic trans. My question is, what would happen if i used the X3Z ecu on this car? Would the trans not operate correctly and not come out of park because the ecu would not have the necessary tuning for the auto trans? Just wondering because that setup really ran good and its the easiest way to set it all up by just using the X3Z ecu rather than tuning an A9L or A9M (auto ecu) to use the 24# injectors and 70mm MAF. Anybody thought of this or tried this in the past? Any thoughts appreciated, thanks in advance!
  2. Wow, lots of questions here. Have you already rewired the engine wiring for the 93 computer? The 93 and 94/95 computers cannot simply be swapped without rewiring the harness. The long block is identical, true, but the engine sensors are all different and you'll have to do a major conversion. IMO, you'll be causing yourself a lot more work than just a tune.

    That being said, take a look at Moates.net. For under $200, you can get a setup to make your own tunes. You can also find the 94/95 Cobra tune (J4J1) and put that in the chip. there's also some resources on adding the auto tranny data to the Cobra tune. This will let you re-use your buddy's computer as-is.
  3. If he will use an AODE, as Matt said, he will need a way to tune for the Electronic trans. He could use an AOD, C4, etc if not wanting to deal with the trans tuning (though he'd miss some off-idle timing that's normally there for a converter)

    Or if he keeps the AODE, another option is a standalone trans computer.
  4. ok- I have a tweecer r/t so I guess I could use that to play around with his stock ecu and maybe load the cobra tables and use the auto trans add in tuning like matt was talking about. And for the more perminant tune once I have it figured out with the tweecer I guess we could get the moates quarterhorse?