X_pipe Or Pro Chamber?????????

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by mike keirstead, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. hey- i was wondering if anyone has proof of which makes more power .
    I am getting sick of my h-pipe sound and getting something new real soon. I love sound of the pro chamber and the x-pipe also sounds real wicked. But sound dosnt mean s hit sometimes. Any help would be great . thanks
  2. From the comparison tests i've seen in the magazines the prochamber makes more power. But as far as real world stuff i can attest that the prochamber makes nice power but then again i've never been in an x piped car.
  3. Most people I have talked to say the X pipe will make a little more HP than the H, but the H makes a little more torque. I guess its a low end or top end thing, it depends on what your looking for. My old X pipe got all kinds of compliments on the sound, but I really didn,t like it.
  4. Prochamber > X-pipe > H-pipe
  5. not sure exactly what the prochamber is except for maybe a muffler
    which if that is the case what is so special about it?

    but as far as x-pipe vs h-pipe
    I have seen a few test done and the h-pipe might gain you a little more peak torque, but generally no more then maybe 2-5lbs/ft for like a 500rpm range other then that the x beat it hands down
    BUT the x-pipe has a broader more usable torque curve
    so overall x is better then h
  6. supposedly the x will make more power
  7. rx7speed - you dont know what a pro chamber is. MAC makes them.
  8. I read the reviews before buying, pretty much kicks every other h or x pipes butt in performance, and sounds nice too! Those reviews are all over the place , from budget stip cars to flow and tech sites. Mac is a pretty cool company when it comes to exhuast. I live 25 mins from their manufacturing facilities in Southern california :nice:

    keep it real
  9. ya i read that but it dosnt give any numbers. I know a prochamber IS.
  10. Yea I actualy posted the for rxspeed. Im pretty sure MAC had dyno graphs in thier catalog, unfortanitly its in NY and im in PA.
  11. Prochamber!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. prochambers a unique sound and lound as hell when you get on it
  13. bassani X, stainless, enough said.

    i don't see how the air slapping around inside the prochamber would flow as efficiently as the X pipe?

    but maybe it looks different inside?
    i don't know

    i opted for the stainless X pipe without cats from bassani, works fine for me
  14. I think i will get the prochamber. They do sound pretty wicked. Thanks Fellas.
  15. I have a Bassani catted x -pipe w/ 2 chamber flows. Sounds pissed at wot.
  16. The Prochamber is without a doubt the best. I have had a BBK h-pipe and the Prochamber. The Prochamber OWNS ALL. You will not regret buying it.
  17. I have also heard that the Pro Chambeer out performs both X and H pipes. I cant say from personal experience but it is supposed to sound real good. I would say go for the prochamber.
  18. it seems most ppl here and even on the prochamber site are comparing it to an hpipe

    which it might be better
    but I think an x would work better then a prochamber