X_pipe Or Pro Chamber?????????

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  1. Well the way the prochamber works is that it allows the gases to collect in the chamber and heat up. The heat then increases velocity and the gases exit the path of least resistance. Thats my understanding of it.
  2. Is anyone here running a ProC or Xp (or know anyone) with BBK's long tubes? Wondering about fit.
  3. I had the MAC Prochamber o/r pipe for over a year, it sounded unreal and made awsome power. Never had an X pipe, but now I'm running a custom bent H pipe because I have so much aftermarket $#!+ under my car that the Prochamber didn't fit anymore- hung down too far. My H is great, but doesn't sound like the Prochamber did and doesn't seem to make quite as much power across the band. Only problem I had with it was getting through emmissions- wasn't possible. Had to drop it and put the factory H pipe w/cats back in every other year to get my sticker...
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    The only downside to the Pro-Chamber is it kinda makes the 5.0 sound like a 4.6 liter.
  5. :confused: I have been told my car sounded like a Winston Cup car, a semi, a huge pickup truck, one guy even said it sounded like a Chevrolet. I have never been told it sounded like a 4.6, and it didn't sound anything like my friends '98 GT which had a 4.6 in it, or my Dad's '01 GT which also has a 4.6 and Flows. Even if it did, why would that be a downside? The 4.6 cars new on the lot were louder, raspier and meaner sounding than any production 5.0 exhaust- what's the problem? They don't sound anything like mine did however, with Motorsport 1&5/8" shorties, the Prochamber and MAC Flowpaths. It had a loud as Hell, deep and rich snarl my wife could here coming home two full blocks away- not the crisp, hollow bark the 4.6's have. I still say, the only downside is it'll never go through emmissions- don't think I didn't try!
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    I like the way the 4.6 sounds but i think the 4.6 should sound like the 4.6 and 5.0 should sound like a 5.0, i still stick to my opinion that a 5.0 with a pro chamber and 2 chamber flowmasters sounds like a 4.6 liter.
  7. I opted for the Prochamber. But I STILL havent put it on yet. I need to slap that thing on one sunday. Maybe I will get to it one day.:nonono:

    Does anyone else have any sound clips of the Prochamber?
    Bit, your car sounds good. But I would like to hear it with some chambered mufflers now. Thanks

  8. I've had bbk h-pipe an dr. gas x-pipe both are nice but the x-pipe just didn't have the sound i wanted alittle to high pitched for my liking at wot. Putting a prochamber on this spring though hope i'm not dissappointed in the sound department which i don't think i will be after reading some of these replies. Longtubes 2 1/2 prochamber and 3'' produmps should make the car sound ungodly. :D
  9. Pro chamber does make your car sound like a Nextel Cup car and is and excellent choice for a Off road pipe.
  10. Pro chamber all the way! They make more power than any others and are slightly quieter than h-pipe. With my 1 3/4 longtubes, prochamber, 3" dumps...the car sounds bad ass!
  11. Got a clip? :D
  12. Yeah really. I want to hear a ProChamber with some chambered mufflers behind it. It seems clips are nonexistant. I say it sounds total badass but I want to hear.:) Seems the 4.6 guys love them too, but that dont help me on the sound;)

  13. has anyone every actually compared the prochamber to an x-pipe?
  14. rx 7 -you mean on a dyno.....thats why i posted this thread....but so far nothing about any dyno tests. I think they would both make around the same power ...........but the Prochamber sound wicked.......i think anyway. Especially with 1 chamber flowmasters. I think i am gettin a prochamber next week.
  15. Yeah MM&FF did a dyno comparison a few years ago when they came out. It out preformed both the X and H pipe. They ended up having to add more fuel pressure with the Prochamber. I'll to dig through my old mages and find the numbers but I am pretty sure the Prochamber was around 10 peak RWHP over the H and 8 peak RWHP over the X and the curves were much more robust across the curve. The design is superior to both there is no reason it would out perform them both.
  16. The prochamber is making an 8-10RWHP difference OVER an offroad H/X? This, I have to see. Please post when you get a chance.
  17. It just makes more sense that a prochamber would make better power. If you look closely at the Bassani x-pipe it resembles a chamber. Other x-pipes resemble an x. Bassanis is alot wider and opened up in the middle.
    Bassani is supposed to be one of the best x-pipes on the market and just look what it resembles. So what I am trying to say is that the x-pipe just look more restictive and the prochamber looks like it would scavenge exhaust alot better.....and thats what it is all about SCAVENGING..........so all in all the prochamber sounds way better(opinion) looks better and performs better......so i think i will make the better choice.
    That being said does anyone know where the best place to buy them is.
    Ive seen them at MustangsUnlimited for $219 for the long tube version. Is there anywhere else that sells them cheaper because i am getting one extremely soon. I love how those f**ckers sound.
  18. Look on the corral classifieds, www.corral.net that's where i got mine from looks brand new 2 1/2inch 110 bucks shipped to my door