X_pipe Or Pro Chamber?????????

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  1. The bassani x pipe has a smooth transition from the 2 pipes coming in to the 2 going out. The prochamber has a geometrically shaped box in the middle. I fail to see how a box would be superior to a smooth transition in regards to velocity and flow. It makes absolutely no sense to me. If I want the most power out of my combo, which I do, Id like to see some convincing in the form of a dyno sheet. I guess I need some subtantial proof before I go selling my stainless steel bassani x pipe, in exchange for a lower quality prochamber, then go buy 2 cats, then to the exhaust shop to have the cats added. If 8-10RWHP is infact true, going this far out of my way could be justified. But from the sounds of it, I cant see any gain.. maybe 2HP on a good day. Like i said, I just would like to see the results, so if anyone could post anything solid, please do.
  2. I wasnt explaining anything cause I dont know the facts. But it just seems to me that the Prochamber would get rid of more exhaust quicker with that big box. It is quite a bit bigger than a x pipe chamber. I dont know. I think they both make good power with prochamber having the slight edge. thats all. PLUS ITS SOUNDS TEN TIMES AS GOOD(opinion)
  3. Anyone have any more sound files with a ProChamber on a 5.0??:shrug:

  4. Comment on the X-pipe or Pro Chamber

    i have a 95 GT 5.0L,,my current exhaust is O/R X-pipe and flowmasters,, if anyone has a comment about this please let me know,,i think it sounds good,,but many people on the internet have told me to get an H-pipe.
  5. 5.0 sound clips

    if anyone wants sound clip of a 4.6 or 5.0 go to www.mustangexhaust.com plenty of sound clips there.

  6. I agree
  7. The technology behind it is really quite simple. If you split (one each side) manifolds or headers on any engine they will need to be re-balanced to each other. On a V-8 motor for example, exhaust pulses enter respective collectors at uneven intervals of 90-180-270 degrees of engine rotation. This process hampers the full benefit of any exhaust header or manifold system by the long intervals between exhaust pulses making balancing of exhaust mandatory for optimum power. Though balance tubes between exhaust piping (like on traditional H-Pipes) help to transfer exhaust pulses from side to side in-order to smooth out exhaust pulse, MAC's ProChamber goes even further, by merging exhaust pulses in one area. Merging of all exhaust gasses creates higher temperatures which creates a boost in exhaust velocity, plus lets exhaust gas see both outlets resulting in more power and economy. On an H, or better- an X pipe, the pulses are somewhat allowed to cross to the other side, which gives them a small opportunity to split into more ideal flow patters than just shooting strait out their own pipe would. Ever notice when it's cold most stangs will have a bigger cloud of exhaust coming out of one tailpipe than the other? This is why- while H and X pipes are theoretically supposed to allow pulses to equalise, they don't. They aren't a fix, they are a bandaid. You will never see this on a stang with a ProChamber. I know, I had one. Ever since I took it out, my exhaust has been side biased and I have noticed it doesn't sound as good or run as hard. See if your exhaust is balanced for yourself- hold a dollar bill in front of each pipe while it idles, then while somebodies revving it. Equal length headers are the same idea, if a different principal, and they have also been dyno proven to increase power by tuning the relative backpressure for each cylinder before the collector.
    Is it better enough to justify tossing a better quality Bassini X pipe and replacing it? Only if you have way more money to toss around than I do. Furthermore, it was designed specifically as an off road pipe. Will it still be the best if you go monkeying a pair of cats into it? I have no idea, but I wouldn't count on it- especially not for a measly 8-10HP. I've been digging through my MM&FF archive to find those dyno sheets myself, with no success. However, ask anyone who has put on a ProChamber if they noticed more power. There are several testimonies of it right in this thread. Now consider that only a dyno can register HP increases of less than @10HP. That means that you will have to gain at least 10-15HP for the human body to notice a difference. Decide for yourself, but I wouldn't go to all that trouble for it after already doing something else.
  8. That's what I had on my old convertible. Mellow until you got on it, then it wailed like a banshee.

    I always worry about quality with MAC stuff; maybe it's just me. I know I won't be running their long tube headers on my Cobra anytime soon, based on the horror stories I've read.
  9. :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:
    Nice work man, thats the knid of shi t i was looking for. That all makes sense and explains everything. I knew the prochamber would make more power. Its all about how quick you can get rid of exhaust and the chamber is alot bigger on the prochamber and no doubt that helps.


  10. I have BBK longtubes with the shorty pro-chamber. The fit sucks. I found out the hard way, then read a bunch of posts about it. Mac and BBK make up the offset in different places in there exhaust kits. I had cut it completely apart in two places and then weld back together as I fitted it to the headers and cat back. But it seemed to make more power than my H-pipe
  11. i have had absolutly no problems at all with my mac long tubes, no leaks, no tightening anything,,,,,,,,nothing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, very happy. Maybe im the guys they f ucked up and made a good set for hahahah :canflag:
  12. My friend had a prochamber with 2 chamber flows...it sounded really good i thought and i considered getting one for my car...but i decided eventually to go a different way and i started with the MAC catback. I then added an offroad Dr. Gas X pipe and i was VERY glad i did. In our opinions, mine sounded better than the prochamber and our other friend's who had a basani x pipe.
  13. I know a guy with a 94 5.0 with Mac Longtubes, Prochamber, and Mac Catback and it sounded very mean and healthy....it didn't seem quite as loud as my shorty headers, offroad h, and flowmasters(put in place of hookers) mufflers.

    I know on my 2000 GT I would not trade the Prochamber for anything....I literally would get a compliment a day with that exhaust...either at a gas station, school, etc. :)

  14. i second that
  15. lets see some dyno sheets between the prochamber and the X pipe (bassani or DR gas)

    i honestly never saw how a 'box' made the exhaust flow through better, i can see how it could change the sound, my car had a prochamber on it when i first got it (guy took it off prior to selling it) but it wasn't anything really special to me, all 302 EFI cars with a decent exhaust sound good to me...

    some better than others....
    but then again some perform better than others too :nice:
  16. I have MAC 1 5/8 shorties, MAC ProChamber, and MAC Flowpath Catback. I get TONS of compliments on it, sounds really mean. I've had it on there for over 3 years now. I had just the exhaust, pulleys, and cold air and ran a [email protected] with a crappy 2.07 60ft and my car is 3440lbs+!! I trapped as high as 103.1 on a cold night, thats moving for a stock motor, even the intake TB, MAF, you name it. Still have crap 3.27's also. My friend had MAC LT's with ProChamber and Flows and it sounded mean too.
  17. stangbear427 one problem I have is the same that has been mention before
    a big box I wouldn't think would help create for better scavenging
    if anything I would think it would slow the exhuast down beint it woudl create a very turbulant exhuast section

    hell the mazda rotary motors have a stock exhuast manifold that is setup for the most part like that
    one big box... it is a big heap and the big box design was made being that it held the exhuast gasses in there a little longer which was in design to burn the unburnt gasses... again big box like the prochamber

    another thing you said that by running an h-pipe or x-pipe your exhuast gasses are going to be biased on one side so you have one side with a larger cloud then the other side

    but here is the question
    both sides ofthe motor should be putting out the same exhuast.
    so why would one side make a bigger cloud?

    also the testimonies here are from an h-pipe to prochamber

    haven't really heard anyone go from an x to the prochamber

    if you ask me though it just looks like the thing is one big muffler
    almost acting in the same function a y pipe would taking away any real effects of a dual exhuast
  18. I originally posted the thread and was wondering about the X-pipe vs the prochamber, and i personally have heard enough to make my decision on which mid pipe to buy. Thanks alot for the posts ans i did not intend for this to be an argument but i guess when you have so many people that like the x and so many that like the chamber , its pretty hard to get around the arguments.
    Anyway not that anyone cares, but i am going to get the prochamber and I hope that it makes more power than my h-pipe. I am confident that it will.
    Whether or not it makes more than an x-pipe i dont really care anymore because the prochamber sounds better and if the x-pipe DOES make more power at the wheels it couldnt be more than 2-3 hp. Which is minimal. And the same goes for the chamber it may make more power but it may not be much. As far as power is concerned both make more than an h and it really boils down to sound prefernce.

    I am also going to get rid of my HOOKER mufflers to make room for my new Dynomax Bullets.
  19. rx7speed, what part of post #47 don't you understand? First of all, nothing about the exhaust on your RX7 is applicable because you have a rotary engine, and the Prochamber is specifically designed to utilize the impulse pattern of a V8- which as you so eloquently put it in another thread goes boink boink boink while a rotary goes vroooom. While it sounds kindof derogatory, it was a pretty accurate comparrison. Apples and oranges.
    Like a turbo, the ProChamber makes more HP be scavenging exhaust gasses and creating a boost in velosity by harnessing the waisted heat energy that would otherwise be going out the tailpipes. Actually, it works nothing like a turbo, but I'm running out of ways to explain this. The amount of exhaust is the same, but the intervals that it exits each side are uneven. H and X pipes are designed to advertisedly "allow" pulses to cross. In actuallity, only an H pipe allows it, an X pipe forces them to- giving them no choice of where or how hard. The ProChamber, as I said earlier, allows exhaust gasses to see both outlets at once from an environment where they are allowed to equalize while getting hotter which forces and increase in velosity.
    To clear up the Y pipe issue- they typically try to take exhaust from two small pipes and feed them into one pipe of the same or only slightly larger one, which creats a bottlneck and backpressure effect. Again, nothing like a ProChamber, which has a stable pipe size throughout and doesn't squeeze the flow anywhere but on the contrary, gives it extra room in the middle.
    The original X pipe, the Doctor Gas, outperformed the other X pipes for years. Look closely at it and see that it isn't a true X, there is a round chamber in the middle. Go figure?! It remained the best until Bassini out gunned it on the dyno. Look closely- overall it's an X, but while the pipe is a steady 2.5" throughout, where they cross is- imagine that!- much larger, almost like a... a... chamber! Hmm...
    The simple reason you see testimonies of people dropping H's for Pro's and not X's for them is that Most stock Stangs come with an H already. When you just spen a couple hundred dollars on an X pipe to give you 10HP over stock, most people aren't stupid enough to pay another couple hundred on another pipe that may only give them two more than what they have. It just isn't worth it.
  20. stangbear427 i am with when you say the bassani looks similar to a chamber. I dont care what anyone says either. It does look like one. I said that last week on this thread.