X_pipe Or Pro Chamber?????????

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  1. i knwo there was a thread on how the prochamber sucked, so i know im not the only one who thinks so. but i had the prochamber on for a eyar. It sounded to hollow and dronish. and it had no low end. a few days ago i put on an h pipe and im amazed with the low end i gained. i used to not be able to spin my tires from a roll. now my rear tires take a beating EVERYTIME i hammer it. even when the engine is hott. Im much happier with the sound too. I think the h pipe is way meaner. Im glad i switched.

    just my two cents.
  2. half the reason i didn't even consider the prochamber is because its manufactured by MAC......

    thats enough said in my eyes....i've seen lots of MAC parts not quite meet my standards

    it'll be rusted away in no time, unless you don't drive the car daily in all weathers
  3. question...

    if bassani looks like a chamber to you, why not buy that instead of the prochamber....

    one is stainless steel, and will outlast the car, the other won't....
    if indeed it IS a chamber like you say, why buy a prochamber at all?
  4. I went with the Bassani X.

    Bassani does use a chamber X, Dr. Gas does not.

    So I would say its close to the same as a mac.

    Its a matter of choice, they all work to some degree.

    I prefer stainless exhaust, easier to sell to the wife.

    Prochamber will not pass smog and will rust, so the wife said NO !


    Good luck on your decision!

  5. ok first thing the exhuast on a rotary is VERY easily able to be compared
    both are 4 stroke motors both work on the same idea
    just because it is a rotary doesn't mean it follows some other laws of physics for operation. the reason I said the rotary goes vroooom vs the boing boing of a piston motor is based more upon the piston design going up and down while a rotor is more of a rotation but still the exhuast does go bank to bank just like a piston motor

    also how does a prochamber allow gasses to get hotter?
    energy can't just be created so it must have come from somewhere

    and isn't the prochamber a big box?
    you said that the ypipe goes from to small pipes into a larger pipe
    if the prochamber is a big box it goes from 2 smaller pipes into one larger box

    and I know the design on a dr gas. almost bought one for my camaro in days way back and I can understand having the merge section a little longer giving a little mor time for the flow to be better directed

    but I just don't see how a big box will make much difference

    guess that is my thing

    see the exhuast comming out of the pipe into the big box at which point the gasses just more or less go everywhere creating turbulance,eddies and so on then go and choose a pipe to go through
  6. Ok im going to have to side with the rx7 guy, i have a custom x with flowmaster 40's, it sounds sooo mean, and i got a big power increase over no crossover/raptor mufflers.
    If all your doing is letting the exhast collect in a chamber till it exits on its own, there is no concievable reason that it would exit faster, when exhaust is flowing through an X the velocity actually increases and almost sucks the exhaust out of the combustion chamber at high revs, how could this not be more efficient than what basically amounts to a 2in/2out muffler as a crossover.. you may as well just get a dual in dual exit flowmaster muffler instead of a "prochamber" i also agree with the mac "quality" issue, or lack thereof (my pullys work good, but i have seen poorly designed mac parts)
  7. Ummm...the X pipe made by Bassani, Magnaflow, or Dr. X will make more power then the prochamber any day of the week....

    sorry, unless MAC figured out a way to change physics...
  8. They didn't find a way to change physics, they found a way to utilize them. But I'm tired of trying to explain it. I've pissed into the wind more successfully, guess that's why MAC hasn't hired me as a salesman yet. Not that I'm real crazy about MAC, far from it. The Prochamber is probably the only thing they make that I'm impressed with, and the quality and durability of their parts does leave a bit to be desired IMO...
  9. stangbear i continue to agree with ya bro.
  10. Where's the dyno numbers confirming that? We have no dyno numbers for anything so you can't just say that well they said it would out flow the prochamber blah same goes for the prochamber there has yet to be any numbers posted on it outflowing a x-pipe. Get some real life numbers then you can say that.
  11. The reason the Prochamber creates more heat is pretty basic when you think about it. The heat is created by the "crashing" together of the particles suspended in the gas exiting the engine. This is called friction.

    Stangbear427 I like the exhaust pulse at the tail pipe thing.

    I too will look through all of my Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords and others.

    Mo' Town :flag:
  12. Looks like i started a good thread here!!!!!!!!!
    Did u guys here about the Mickey Thompson dragradials in the spring.
  13. I can't believe the NMRA guys haven't taken advantage of the awesome Prochamber technology. They're all running X pipes. I Wonder why. :rlaugh:
  14. Why?
  15. I beleive its because xpipes make the most power... :rolleyes: .

    There is not doubt xpipes make more power, and there is alot of backup to prove it. But who cares, my standard offroad h sounds better than anything. :p
  16. I'm just messin with you guys. You're right though. I hate the sound of my X-pipe. Raspy and high pitched. I think the Mac guys were on the right track with the Pro-chamber but dropped the ball when they made the back squared off with 2 pipes attached. Now if they'd split it at the back and make two transitions from square to round tapering down kind of like funnels they might have something that would flow a bit better. Looking at the design it's pretty easy to see that as soon as the exhaust enters the Prochamber the gasses will expand and to get out the other side it would be like throwing a 5 gallon bucket of water at a 21/2" hole in the wall. Kinda hard to explain hopefully you know what I mean.
  17. Hey EMW what kind of X are you running?

    There are some raspy X pipes and some not raspy....

    I have the Magnaflow X on my cars (of course..lol) and I have heard the Dr. Gas...

    I thought they were not raspy at all.....

    Now the Bassani, and the BBK, and a few of the others...

    they were definitely raspy....

    most guys who hear my cars think they have an H.

    Then when I tell them its an X, they all look under it because they dont believe me.

    We have dynoed all of these pipes, and I saw the results....

    It went-

    Dr. Gas/ Magnaflow -too close to call
    Pro Chamber
    then a few others

    the Dr. Gas/ Magnaflow were only a couple of hp more then the SLP, which was only a couple of hp more then the Bassani, and so on...so there was not any HUGE steps in the list-

    but if you compare #1 to #5 on our list there was a pretty good difference

    Of course if you like the way one sounds, cant really argue with that, as thats all personal opinion.
  18. Does anyone have a Mac x-pipe..........
  19. I run a 3" Dr Gas X pipe with 3" Mac Pro Dumps. I'm planning on switching to Magnaflow mufflers this winter and losing the Macs. They might culprit to the raspy sound. I have Macs on my wife's LX too but with an H and it doesn't sound the greatest either. I got to look at a Magnaflow new in the box at a friend of mine's shop and they look awesome. Straight through inner tube with some perforations in it. Looks like they'll flow like crazy and be loud as hell but he says they're actually quieter that alot of chambered mufflers he's heard. I'd really like to have the deep tone back with the performance of the X pipe.

  20. You mean like this ? :D


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