X_pipe Or Pro Chamber?????????

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  1. Heres the explanation of why it works.

    Another MAC first!
    MAC's new patented PRO CHAMBER™ has just made the competition’s H-pipe and X pipe technology obsolete! Split (one on each side) manifolds or exhaust headers on any engine need to be balanced to each other. On a V-8 motor for example, exhaust pulses enter respective collectors at uneven intervals of 90-180-270 degrees of engine rotation. This process hampers the full benefit of any exhaust header or manifold system, by the long intervals between exhaust pulses, making the balancing of exhaust mandatory for optimum power. Balance tubes between exhaust on opposite sides, helps to transfer exhaust pulses from side to side, to smooth out exhaust pulse and flow, resulting in more power and economy. MAC's PRO CHAMBER™goes even further than traditional H-pipes to produce more torque and horsepower, by merging exhaust pulses in one area. Merging of all exhaust gasses creates higher temperatures, which in turn creates a boost in exhaust velocity and lets exhaust gas see both outlets.
  2. Hey I just wanted to know why you all dont make the Magnapacks for the 5.0? I think they sound awesome on a 4.6 real nice and bassy. What about the new XL Turbos I think they are called, are you going to make them for the 5.0? I think they sound great too, you guys keep up the good work.

    I bought the ProChamber for my car. I live in a emissions state and I figured I might be able to throw the cops off and say the chamber is a cat. But truthfully I know I probably wont be able too.:jester: But my car is too low to see under really.:) But oh well if we all went out and bought the same things it wouldnt be no fun would it? So lets not be fighting over this..:lol: I mean there is more than one way to make up 3 or 4 hp on someone. Well thats my 2 cents.:nice:

  3. Cool, that looks like it should work pretty well. Alot like the Bassani X if you look at it except with a box built around it. Imagine that, the engineers at Mac must have had an extra cup of coffee the day they put that together. :rlaugh:
  4. I'll tell you why they don't- the same reason that I had too take mine off. They have to run driveshaft loops, like I do, and if you want your driveshaft loop where it belongs than it hit's the chamber. Less than an ideal situation- believe me.
    Yes, you can tell them that, and it will probably work. I told them that and they believed me, several times. And I failed, each time- because without real cats you don't have a chance of fooling the sniffer.
  5. Well thats just it. The places around here that you get a sticker dont do the sniffer test. They never do, it just seems the State cops will pull you over if it is loud and look. Kinda weird but thats the way it works around here.:shrug: LOL

  6. Even though the design looks like it would work, it's still down on power according to GNN60GT500 and he's dyno tested them and compared to alot of X pipes. See his post above. My d/s loop is tucked up in real nice. Can't imagine not being able to fit it. If it made that great of power I would find a way to get it in there, believe me.
  7. OK, now time to look at what all of this says-

    They say "we just made X pipe and H pipe technology obsolete"

    Then they explain why their design is better then an H, but they never mention X pipes again...

    Even more interesting, is that their explantion that they give for why they are better then an H pipe, is the same explanation a company would give why the X pipe is better then an H pipe as well.....

    The more efficiently you can combine all of the exhaust gases, the better it will work.....

    The problem with an open chamber is that as they noted, you want to create higher temperatures, and you do that by keeping the exhaust molecules as close together as possible-

    by giving the exhaust so much room to expand, you can actually let the exhaust cool off, which will create less power.....

    There you go...exhaust101......

    Also, the closer the X is to the motor, the better it works.

    Dr. Gas puts their X closer to the motor, so that it will work better, so even though we feel our X is more effiecent, because they put it closer...

    the two advantages end up canceling each other out.

    Then there is SLP and VRS who uses the Dr. Gas like design, but they put it further back giving DR. Gas and ourselves an advantage,

    then there is Bassani and BBK, who use more of a chamber, which allows the exhaust gases to cool off more...

    and so on.....

    there is what we have come up with as being technical explanations as to why everything works they way it does.
  8. And Nascar uses what ???? A X pipe !!

    I will stick with my Bassani !
  9. GNN60GT500 - good post. I was thinking similar about the chamber. You have a 21/2" inlet and then the "expansion chamber" and then 21/2" out the other side. I can see where it would lose velocity. Wasn't thinking about the cooling effect but that's a good point.
  10. why thank you, Ill definitely take that as a compliment from some one who runs low 11s N/A....

    I used to have a fox body, and with a NOVI on it and a 306, the best I ever pulled was an 11.60 on pump gas....

    all i can say about an 11.05 on pump gas N/A is Damn.
  11. Dr Gas Rules...nuff Said!
  12. Thanks. :) Working on the 10s now. Going to rering the shortblock, try to get some weight out of the car, and see if I can get the traction problems straightened out.
  13. You will ;)
  14. I may change my mind and get a custom built 3 inch x-pipe

  15. Amen! :nice:
  16. I am going to get a custom one built to mimic the Dr. Gas. I know a guy who will do it dirt cheap. $100. Thats a solid 120 cheaper than the prochamber and the power difference would be minimal. With a custom job i will be able to get the crossover as close to the long tubes as i can for more power and a better sound. The guy runs a Muffler shop and he told me 100 for the whole thing. Lucky me. Its going to be 3 inch pipe to. Should sound wicked with my new Dynomax Bullet mufflers and turndowns.
  17. You using a supercharger? If you only have bolt ons, 3" is going to be way too big. 2.5" is plenty right up to over 351cu", unless you have forced induction.
  18. That is true. I do only have bolt-ons. But this winter the car will be getting new cam, heads, intake, bottom end. I plan on making 350-375 hp. 3 inch is good when you make that ind of power. 350 hp and up 3 inch shows more power on the dyno. Ive seen it with my own eyes. My friends dad has a 380 hp 308 and it gained 14 rwhp when he switched to 3 inch. I was there when he dynoed it. Thanks for recognizing that 2.5 would be good for me as of now. But in the spring it wont be.
  19. I say go with a Bassani X-Pipe. I loved both of mine. Had one on my '88 GT and now have on on my '03.
  20. Nah Im going custom. Its hard to beat a custom pipe. I am going to get the crossover as close as i can to the headers for more power and better sound. Bassani is way over priced and I really dont like the sound they put out...Thanks anyway.