1. Who has an Xbox and how much better is it than PS2?
  2. i have one and i like it better(thats why i chose it over ps2). only complaint that i have is that the controllers r pretty big but i think that the systems now come with the s controller(small) and i like those alot better, so much so that i bought 2. and as for games all i can say is HALO. that game takes awhile to get old and i have been plaing multiplayer w/ my friends for a long time, we have done a system link and played 8 player and were gonna do 12 player soon. also most games that r out on ps2 r usually on xbox.
  3. You can always get the adapter like me so you can use your ps2 controller on your xbox...
  4. well arent we special, then oyu hafta go in each game and change the controls
  5. by the way i would play with an original controler anyday over the liilte ones, cus i have a big one with hand fans in it... ohh yeah i can play for hours non stop with out a hand wipe or nething
  6. online costs money for xbox though, for ps2 and cube its free
  7. what is this 'hand fan' you speak of??:scratch: :shrug:
  8. eh my friend had a ps2 controler w/ the fans and it lasted about a week. i dont recomend buying controllers that arent licences by the systems company(ie xbox or ps2). as far as online goes you have to pay for the kit for n e system and the xbox one is free for a year. plus it cxomes with the goffy little headset for talkin smack( it was really wierd when i first played on Live hearing all the people talkin)
  9. I like both of em, but got a PS2 so I can still play PS1 games I have left over. I think you have to buy the remote thing for xbox before you can even play dvd's on it, but it does have some awesome games.
  10. Ah, I've even had Sony controllers crap out, where the Dual Shock vibrators stop working.
    One thing you can do is when you buy a controller from Best Buy, get the replacement plan. Then as soon as something craps out, you get a brand new one. The plans are only like $6 and with those generic brand controllers it's really not gonna be a gamble.
    Guess where I work. :jester:
  11. I bought the plan for my PS2 and it recently stopped reading games and dvds so I get what I paid for it back which was $300 when it came out :nice: I say always get the plan if you buy somethin when its first released.
  12. don't they just replace it? i don't think you get your cash bro.
  13. I just got Xbox - Ive been a PS2 fan for a while. I got Xbox because i wanted all those xbox only racing titles like project gotham and midtown madness..

    Other than that - if you already have PS2 - i wouldnt bother buying Xbox. As was said before, most of the 3rd party games (NFS underground, NFL 2kX, etc) are available for both systems. The only advantages Xbox has is its better graphics (personally, its not being used to its full potential - compare Project gotham's rendering of the '99-'04 Mustang to Gran turismo 3's rendering - you can see the difference. Looks like someone in project gotham crapped out on the modeling side..) and its built in HDD. One good feature is that you can copy cds to its HDD and, if the game supports it - replace the games soundtrack with your songs.

    I bought the Xbox live kit but i havent had time to open it yet - but from what im told its miles above sony's online play. Sony's online play was pretty good - however it took forever for it to refresh the game lists and lag was still a huge problem (yes, i do have broadband).

    So thats it - IMO PS2 does have the better games, but Xbox does have the better graphics. I myself am just keeping my PS2 to play the PS2-only games (basically only gran turismo 4 lol), and i plan to buy all the 3rd party games for xbox rather than ps2.
  14. The paperwork that comes with the plan BestBuy has says not to return it to BestBuy, but I decided to and when I got there the chick I talked to recommended I just call them cause BestBuy would just give me the same thing. When I called they got my info and said once they recieve the PS2 they'll send me a certificate for what I paid including tax that I can use at any BestBuy for whatever I want.
  15. You can get store credit for whatever the replacement plan covered.

    My roommate and I both work there, so with our discounts the plans are only like $2. So we always get them. Luckily his Gamecube crapped out right after they dropped $50 off the price, so he got a new Gamecube and enough store credit to buy another game.
  16. xbox is the ****znit!
  17. X-box is worthless to me. They have maybe 2 games worth playing. And Halo isnt one of them.

    THe X-box only sells to graphics whores that like all the pretty colors. As far as actual gaming goes, the X-Box isnt where its at. The X-Box has failed everywhere but America. That says a lot about it.
  18. i just upgraded my cpu and play games on it, the systems are far to expensive and i like to play online with my friends... to much of a hassel/costly to do it with the xbox or ps2.
  19. i just beat the game that came with it Star Wars the CLone Wars... so easy.
  20. I have both... not really any difference other than there are some games that are ps2 only and some games that are xbox only. so it's kind of a toss up really, i think.