Xcal 1 software

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  1. Can anyone tell me what can be changed with this software? :shrug:

    I need to know all of the parameters, before I break down and purchase the interface cable.

    Yes an Xcal 2 would be better.... but I have no money for it.:(
  2. The Xcal1 holds the same exact programs as the XCal2. The main difference is the Xcal2 has on screen parameter changes, datalogging, read/clear dtc code capabilities, and is firmware upgradable via USB.
  3. OK.... but from my understanding the Extreme Tune software does not allow ALL of the program parameters to be changed. Only basic items like tire size, gear ratios, etc. Hence my question.

    Is ANYONE out there using the Xcal 1 and the Extreme Tune software?????
  4. I have an XCal 1 and have used the ExtremeTune software.

    It works for me :)
  5. you can download the software from sct's website and check it out. you can change fuel, timing, shift points for auto trans., tire size, gear size, rev limiter, two step, and speed limiter. download it and check it out for your shelf. also without the cable you can not put new programs into the xcal yourself.
  6. Extreme Software

    I was initially very disappointed with this software. I bought my Xcal 1 early on and many parts of the Extreme software simply did not work. I called my dealer about it and he said, "Yep, you're right.....". He agreed, for the time being, that I could give him a ring and he'd email me any new tunes that came available for my 05 GT (auto).

    I haven't checked the SCT site for any later releases of the software.... Download the latest and see what you think. If your dealer will email you with a tune I seriously doubt it's worth your time/money to buy that cable.
  7. you still need the cable to put new tunes into the xcal1, unless you want to send in your xcal to your tuner everytime you want a new tune.

  8. I had SCT send me a sample tune program to play with using the Extreme tune software. I was not impressed. :notnice:

    Not a lot of parameters to change, and $50 for the cable. ouch!

    I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and purchase an Xcal2..... and enjoy the heck out of it! :)