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  1. Hey all! Just installed my JLT CAI and reflashed. I have a question or two though. The combination is running awesome and the difference is very noticeable! My question is this. When I reflashed the computer, I selected the 93 octane program. Did this automatically change the shift points and crispness of the shifts? It seems that it is shifting more deliberately than before the reflash. Also, how does the "manual" mode of setting the shifts work? I noted where you can change the values from 1-2, 2-3 etc. Is this worth monkeying with?

    I cannot say enough about installing this combination as it has made a great difference! If you are on the fence, jump right in and do it! :nice:
  2. Get some ET's at the track and let us know how you do stock tuning verses 93 octane tuning. The butt meter is not a very good gauge I have found out. Those tire squealing shifts may not converter into ET.
  3. Great glad to hear your happy.
    You did install a shift improvment tune along with the JLT tune. It's standard with the tuner.

    You can also go back and make adjustment to the RPM and firmness of those shifts.

    Have fun

  4. I too recently installed the JLT CAI w/XCal II tune and have since recommended it to many others on this and other forums! Very easy to install and tune, and the "seat of the pants" increase in power is real.

    Thanks to Jay for offering a simple, effective and attractive addition to my newest Mustang! (Now, if he could get my '67 to run this good...:D )
  5. I thought the "seat of the pants" was real too until I took it to the track last night. 13.42 @ 101.80 mph with stock tune, 13.41 @ 100.94 mph with SCT tune. I could measure virtually no ET gain.
  6. :( I am surprised. I would have thought to see a least a .100 - .150 decrease in ET and a couple of MPH's increase. I haven't been to HRP yet this year, and not sure if I would even run the '06, but it sure feels more responsive and quicker running around town and on the freeway.

    I see you are also in Sugar Land. Small world.
    (And my name is also Larry!)
  7. No offense, but I don't think the only gains are measurable by speed. I mean that the shift points are definitely better and the firmness of the shifts is awesome. So, why it might not be "faster" at the track, it is more fun to drive the car. Just my .02!
  8. How can I find out more information about adjusting the rpm and firmness of the shifts? I know there are values in tuner but did not know what they mean. Any help or direction here would be appreciated!

    I have Borlas on order and will definitely enjoy the car once I slap them on!:nice:
  9. Larry how was the weather and track conditions for your ET's after the new tune?? If the air was different that can make a difference in your ET?
  10. No doubt the shifts are lightening fast and tire squealing. Feels great! The ability to adjust my shifts, lock up, cold idle, warm idle and everything else is great and makes my car so much more steetable. Even the high idle on deceleration is fixed. I would buy the SCT all over if I did not have it. But the programs they sent me with all this tire squeaking at least for my car, did not improve ET or MPH.

    No offense taken. I surely would have thought the same thing as you but it just didn't happen with my car.
  11. Jay, I ordered my C&L + XCALII from Brent. I wish I would hear about the JLT cai before, so I can make the business to you and Brenspeed...

    Brenspeed top service (before being a customer) convinced me to go with them!
  12. Your dealer should be able to tell you if the shifting was altered or not. You can tweak the shifting more with Extreme Tune. Sctflash.com's forums has a lot of info on it.
  13. I assume you mean my SCT dealer and not the Ford people as I don't want them to know it's retuned. Anyway, my SCT dealer did respond (JLT above) and he said it did retune the tranny shift points. I will look into the SCT website forums as you have suggested. Thanks for the reply! :nice:
  14. It's funny how people say I didn't gain at the track so it's no good. Or that SOTP's is BS.:rlaugh:

    If it gains power on the dyno the car gained power, there's no other excuse.
    If you didn't gain ET, don't look at the part or the car...:rolleyes:

    That's the problem with track testing any part. Too many variables.
    #1 Driver
    #2 launch RPM
    #3 Shift RPM
    #4 Track condtions
    #5 Engine temp.
    #6 Outside conditions
    so on and so on.
    All these MUST be exactly the same everytime.
    Absolutly no offence here, but if you gain HP and the ET's the same more track time is needed.
    Why are there sock GT's running 15.0's and MM&FF get them to run 13.8's or better?

    Too much driver error at the track.
    The powers there, now it's up to you to get it to the ground.

  15. Glad to hear it.
    Good talking to you the other day and I hope you see the same gains over the *&! and we and 5.0 did.

    Let me know what you think.

  16. I also just installed the JLTCAI and the Bama Chips tune. The set up looks great (Tungsten) and the car is a totally different car now. I am running the 93 Torque tune. Thanks for providing such an awesome product. This was my first performance mod and by far some of the best money I have spent.
  17. I think I´m selling my *&! to a friend and ordering an JLT... So, double business...