Roush xcal2 for the saleen

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 03s281sc, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. i have this sct xcal2 sitting at my house and i dont know what the heck to do with there anything i can do myself with it without taking it to a tuner...can i change the axle ratio, injector, maf size or anything myself..
  2. I couldn't do anything to mine either. I had to take it to my local tuner. He tuned my car with it and then unlocked certain functions for me to adjust (i.e. tire size, gear ratio, turn on/off traction control, and a few other parameters).
  3. It depends on what user parameters are active. Tuners or whom ever you bought it from can choose parameters that will be able to be adjusted by you within the tune that is downloaded on the Xcal. If there is no Tune on it yet, i doubt you can do anything besides data log or read CEL codes.
  4. Dude if you want that car to run good let me know i will tune it for $100 if you want to get it here to allentown pa. Dont forget put good spark plugs in too.
  5. would the ngktr6's gaped at .035 or w/e the gap is fall in that category...
  6. Exact plug and gap I'm running! :nice:
  7. you got it