Xcal2, Install and Opinion

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  1. http://www.sctflash.com/xc2.php

    I wanted to give everybody some feedback on the new Xcal2 that just came out. I got mine in the mail the next day after it was released from Justin at
    http://www.velocitymustangperformance.com/. (I'm in the Navy and in no way affiliated, but thought people would want to know where to get one) His shop is right down the road from SCT, and he picked up a whole load of them the day they got released, and shipped mine out the same day already loaded with my favorite tunes. I even got serial number "3", so he's the man for getting you one. Great guy to deal with, and very informative, and patient. I was very anxious to get this tuner after SCT kept pushing back the release date. But it was worth the wait.

    The product looks great, and is very simple to use. To be honest, I was a little apprhensive, flashing my brand new car, but let me say, there is nothing to it.

    First of all, I pulled the three relays under the hood for the electric fan, two of them, the high and low, and the fuel pump relay. Very easy, just pop them out. The owners manual you which ones (it's raining, or I'd go look myself). I assume this is to prevent any current spikes during programming. I bet you could do it without this step, but wouldn't risk it myself. Then plug in the cord under the dash into the OBDII slot, above your left knee, the cord is "idiot proof", so you can't plug it in backwards. The unit comes on. From the main menu, you scroll down to the select PROGRAM VEHICLE, then you scroll up or down to find which tune you want to upload (it holds three custom tune), and hit select. It'll prompt you to turn the key to on, but not start.

    Now it will say DOWNLOADING, which takes a while, like thirty seconds , and once it's done, this is the part that freaked me out, it said ERASING MODULE or something like that, and I was like, oh snap! It's erasing my computer! And it was. It had downloaded the stock tune, and was erasing it off the module so another tune could be uploaded. Which I figured out after it again said DOWNLOADING and the % complete, which went even faster than uploading the stock tune.

    After it's done, it'll say PROGRAM COMPLETE, hit select, and it'll say "Turn Key OFF'. Did that, then hit select, and I was all done, just unplug the XCal. Then, I tried to start the car, but of course it didn't because I was a dumba#% and didn't pop the three relays under the hood back in. Car no workie without fuel pump. I gotta start laying off the crack.

    Then took it for a ride. I had also just installed the JLT CAI which is totally awesome, and looks like it's ment to be there, since Jay painted it Mineral Grey, but time to test out both new products.

    This thing HAULS THE CHILI! I mean the throttle response is amazing. MUCH better than before, no hesitation that I can feel. Revs quicker, and butt dyno is off the hizzle! This HAS to be 30 RWHP. I've done lots of mods to lots of cars, and sportbikes, and I've never done a mod that had this much feel of a perfomance gain, and was so easy to do (obviously no supercharger, NOS, turbo yet). I had never been able to bark them in third with a passenger before, but that's not a problem now. It'll roast 'em in second, and bark 'em in third all day and twice on Sunday. I'm sure everybody on here can probably bark 'em in 3rd/4th all the time, but this me, and I'm not good. Like I said, the feel is amazing. I took a fellow '05 owner with me, and thanks to StangNut for coming over and helping me with the instals, and he was really impressed. He said he's didn't roast 'em in second like that, and mine never had before either. I'd love to get it on the dyno to see.

    Anybody else with a JLT/SCT 93 tune w/dyno numbers w/5M?

    Great product, easy instal, nice gains, I give it a

    Raining now, but pictures to come. And charging the laptop to do some datalogging.
  2. can't wait to get my XCal 2!
  3. Sweet man! I think I'm going to order one for my 2002. I have big plans for my car in the near future that will involve SCT software!
  4. Well, along with the "TCS off on start", you've got me convinced.

    Mike Elia
    05 GT lime