xcal2 on an 01 cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by bigmoose15, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    i just bought an 01 cobra convertible. I have an xcal2 which i had on my 97 gt which is unlocked. would i see any difference by installing the standard performance tune into my car since its already tuned for 93 octane?

    is it worth me getting a custom tune?

    also, what kind of gains would i see from CAI, MAF, and TB if any at all?

  2. I am sure that you could see some small gains by getting a custom tune for your car but the biggest benifit would be have a tune that allows you to make some adjustments to it. If your tuner can give you a tune that is "unlocked" then you could make some minor changes to fuel and timing yourself. Plus you can change the fan settings and if you change gears or tire sizes you will be able to make the needed adjustments without a new tune.
  3. Don't try using the '97's custom tune on the '01 - it won't be right. You need a new custom tune for the '01 - we do that all the time for people.
  4. I concur.

    Will an xcal2 for a '97 GT even work on an '01 Cobra??? I know you'll be able to use it as a scan tool... I thought most of these hand held tuners were pretty specific on model/year.

  5. i bought it from my ford dealer. there was no customization for my car, just plug in and go. it asks me what year and what engine i have when i go to tune the car, so i assume it has different files for each one.
  6. That's good then. I know when I ordered my Predator I had to specify not only make, model, and year, byut the actual calibration code which came in my car from the factory. It was that specific.

  7. There are two models of XCal, the regular XCal that is custom tuned for your vehicle by an SCT dealer and the Xcal SF which has canned tunes in it. Appears you have the latter, which is OK to use on the other car. If it were a custom tuned one, you'd have needed another custom tune for it to work. But you are OK if it's the SF (9415)