Xcal2 Questions

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  1. I have two questions about the xcal2, my first one is about the 87 performance tune - Why do i not feel much difference than the stock tune? Is it possibly because I didn't purchase an intake with it? I have at 07 with a manual - I heard you don't feel the drive-by-wire difference so much in a stick. My second question is do you think i will feel a larger difference when i use the 93 performance tune?
  2. You answered your first question pretty much. :D You have a manual, therefore, the throttle lag with the DBW is less noticeable. With no other modification to the AF (e.g. CAI, increase octane fuel, etc.) there will be limited notice in the 87 octane tune.

    YOU WILL feel a difference with a 93 performance tune. Spark timing and fuel management + RPM/max shift points can be bumped. If you already have the XCal with the 93 Performance tune file, you might as well try it. Really won't encounter much issue unless you run 87 with a 93 tune. Just remember to run the octane rating required with the tune and you will be a happy driver.
  3. One more question, lets say i want to switch from the 87 tune to the 93 tune should I return it to stock before i switch to the 93 tune?
  4. Nope... no need..
  5. I have a question

    why haven't we seen any reduction in the pricing structure of these items yet?

    there seems to be a floor that manufacturers and sellers have agreed to that prevents any meaningful discounting on these items (i.e. collusion)

    the development cost and manufacturing tooling has long since been depreciated,

    and yet the price remains firmly "fixed" in the face of a diminishing market ..... :scratch:
  6. Your statement plots out a parabolic aspect of a free market economy driven by supply and demand. When they were new and there were not many in the market, they were costly. NOW, it is one of the most sought after modification tools for the S197, hence the cost remaining within a 25% variance with the original prices.

    :( Sad, but a fundamental aspect none-the-less. Headers, Wooooo okay, look at some of the reductions in prices you can get now. JBA's at 1/2 cost. :rolleyes:

    Another example is the Ford 9" rear-axle. NEW custom assembled (not rebuilt units) used to run about $850 - $900 now, it's hard to find quality rebuilds for less than $1,200.

    My dream axle for the TA is a Mark Williams unit. :( Going to take awhile to get to a 12 bolt fully assembled unit @ $5 shy of $3,000.