XCAL2 Top Tuner - Brenspeed or AlternativeAuto ?

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by screaminyellin6, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Looking to get my XCAL2 , but wondering which is considered the better (or preferably of course - the best) at tuning these for the '05 V6 Mustang.

    I have heard rave reviews from both Brent from Brenspeed and from Lidio at Alternative. What's the general consensus on their work and results. Price wise they are about the same, so its performance and results that I am loking at.

    btw - Anyone know how much of an improvement these tunes can do to your 0-60 times :D - not just quarter mile?
  2. I would love to know also.
  3. If you have an automatic everyone is raving about alternative autio. I have a 5 speed and was curious myself, ill place the order today if someone would guide me lol. I like doug at bamachips but he is gone for a while.
  4. Didn't scrming say that he paid $250 for a tune? That's a little outrageous if you ask me, unless it's a dyno tune. It's even high for a dyno tune.
  5. Bamachips has a good rep too. When I finally find an intake, I'll probably go to one of these 3 for a tune.
  6. I got my SCT-2 from BamaChips and 3 tunes for $365. He also updated the software and tweaked a tune to my liking for free.
  7. Just to make it more difficult, I'll chime in that I got great service and a tune I am very pleased with from Justin at VMP Tuning. He is friendly and helpful both through email and on the phone and was patient with my mechanical ignorance.
  8. Anybody here with a manual trans that got an sct2? seems mostly auto owners.

  9. I orginally bought my X-Cal2 from Justin... I was very happy... great customer service... Then I bought Lidio's from Alternative Auto's Tune....

    Now, Jimp I understand that you think $250 is outrageous... (i'm not sure if that is still their price or not...) For me it was well worth it... Lidio's tune was noticable better than Justin's... Nothing against Justin... but Lidio had an 05 V6 at his disposal and beat the tar out of it and developed the whole tune from top to bottom... It was just a more complete than Justin's... All the torque limiters were removed, shifting was improved, including the downshifting... LIke I said I got great service from Justin... I just think Lidio maybe has more experience, more resources... and it just shows in his product....
  10. I'll try to mention this to Lidio when I see him next week... (if I can remember...)
  11. Your car is awesome, no question. I've seen the videos and the track times. And I'm sure Lidio is the Man. But damn, it just seems high.

  12. Just curious old friend! Jimp and I are buddies! :nice:

    But you paid $365 for 3 tunes.. So, you design one tune for $335, then give the customer 2 more tunes at $15 bucks apiece.. In the 2nd, and 3rd tunes, only change is maybe timing, octane level, and if automatic, shiftpoints..

    So the general tune is what cost so much, making the other 2 not as expensive to make.. Sounds like maybe you paid more than scrming possibly?

    Just wondering thats all buddy! LOL!! Dont take it the wrong way, or get offended we're kool! :D
  13. I had a custom tune done on a Dyyno Jet with my Xcal2 at dynospeedracing.com and it helped me .2 to .3 off my 60'
  14. No, no, no. You misunderstand me. The $365 was the SCT-2 and the tunes. Scrming paid $250 for just the tune!
  15. Man i wish i could find someone that had it for $365... this is so aggrivating, thats what i get for waiting :(
  16. BAMACHIPS.COM--Doug knows his $4!t
  17. tacbear, doug at bamachips is in mississippi due to hurricane katrina, so thats not an option right now.

  18. Jesus Christ Jimp!! You got a deal man! WOW! That is a good deal.. Sorry man! :nice:

    Boy I cant wait until Monday! Is your digital camera armed with atleast a 256mb stick?
  19. Does Lideo charge for the tune on top of the price of the SCT? Or, is the $250 if you have the tuner already and then need one of his tunes?

    On a side note... sending some good thoughts to Doug at Bamachips and his family... hoping all is well.
  20. LOL! It should happen tomorrow. I'll try to take as many pics as I can. :nice: