XCal2 Tuner Recommendation

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by Green1340, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. I have an XCal2 tuner from a previous F150 that I sold. I am going to get it reprogrammed for the 2006 GT that I currently have. I was going to use Mike Troyer @ Troyer Performance (by far the guru of F150's) to supply the tunes. Also considered Dallas Mustang, they are local and will dial it in on the dyno, but they are a little pricy. Do you guys have any recommendations for a tuner for the Mustang?

    BTW, first post at this site... glad to be here.

  2. Welcome! BamaChips is excellent IMO.
  3. sorry, but I don't think it is going to work. The Spanish oak processors are pretty picky.

    I would recommend Brenspeed and Bamachips, but I am a little biased for the 1st because I am a customer.
  4. I haven't contacted Brenspeed yet, but Bamachips has a pretty sweet deal for three tunes for $185. I will call and talk with both and see which one I feel comfortable with. Do those guys allow me to datalog, send them the info, and then dial me in. That was a big plus with Troyer, he did that for free if you datalogged within 90 days. I just want top notch customer service and someone who sill spend a little time talking to me, so I can get exactly the tunes that I want... even if it costs a little more that would be money well spent.

    Thanks for your help guys,

  5. i would recommend brenspeed..when i called to order my xcal2 they were extremely helpful...they answered all the questions i had and the customer service is top notch...i will be getting all of my mods from them
  6. Brenspeed for sure!

    Talk to Brent at Brenspeed, I could go on, but you will be very very pleased.
    I also am a Brenspeed custumer and will spend more thousands with them for sure. " Soon as I get the money " :D