XCal2 users with auto. trans-2 to 3 shift?

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  1. I continue to have issues with my Xcal2 tune and what I call an unusual shift from 2nd to 3rd. All other shifts are normal...Since the V8 and the V6 (what I have) use the same automatic transmission, I thought I'd ask here rather than in the V6 specific forum.

    There has been at least one other user on the SCT forums that has seen the same thing (also V6 automatic, AND same dealer for tunes).

    Do any of you notice a "kthunk" sound when the car shifts from 2nd to 3rd? It both sounds and FEELS different. Stock doesn't do this...

    I've asked for help from my dealer--it's been a week and a half so far, and the last I heard was that they were "working with a Ford engineer."

    I also asked for help from SCT directly---that was on Monday, but so far--they haven't come back with any suggestions or tweaked tunes.

    It's apparently not the torque reduction/control---they made me a tune with this restored to "stock" and it still does it, on the shift from 2nd to 3rd.

    Does anybody else see this??? I've had my Xcal2 in hand for over 2 weeks now--and it's not living up to my (reasonable) expectations. :(
  2. Looks like it's fixed!! :D

    Thanks to Ryan at SCT for some new tunes. It shifts very well now between all gears, so I think the issue was definately tune related--stock didn't do it, tunes from the dealer did, new tunes from SCT don't. So---it's nice to actually enjoy things.

    I'll have to give it some real drive time, but for now--things are looking up! :banana:

    Still can't smoke the tires from a dead stop...guess it's hard with the stock gears in the auto. Scrming makes it look too easy....hehe
  3. Glad you got it taken care of Hammy, nothing worse than having a new toy that won't work right!!! :p
  4. so what are you saying you did to fix it, you went to your dealership and they helped you out with the tune??? Did they take your SCT and tune it to the right way?
  5. Sorry to be unclear-----when I say "dealer" in this thread I am referring to the tune shop/vendor/dealer where I bought my SCT Xcal2.

    So let me recap---
    1) the SCT vendor/dealer tunes caushed a weired shift from 2nd to 3rd
    2) the fix came from an SCT employee *directly* in the shape and form of a new pair of tunes (87 octane, 91 octane). The new tunes do NOT make the "kthunk" shifting noise from 2nd to 3rd now.

    I don't dare take my car to the Ford dealership with any tune issues :nice:
  6. nice, glad to hear everything is working great for you. I'm currently waiting on my SCT Cal2 myself. Should get here any day now or so. Can't wait.. :banana: