XD1 and LC1 verifing accuracy

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  1. I got my LC1 hooked up (thanks wes for the help) and installed a XD1 gauge. I do not really see any topics on how accurate this is out of the box?

    It seems fairly accurate but not really sure. It shows a really fat A/F when I step into it WOT (9-10:1) every time then would from what I can tell it leans out I do need to dial in WOT area for sure, I know that going into this. I really have not been able to rap out 2nd and 3rd (did a few thousand rpms at best) but was able to get a couple in 4th several times (no full on WOT as it was just not possible when I took it out). Asking because I just want to know how to verify the xd gauge...I assume it is correct.

    I also assume that if things are off at WOT...is it possible things could be going extra rich and/or extra lean? I want to say I saw an 11.2:1 a few times and a 14.5 a few times.

    Things look spot on in the normal driving range a tad rich at start off in the down to the low 13's and 14.7-15.2 cruise light load. 14.6-ish at idle...cold idle was a tad rich as expected. That all confirms the logs and changes I have done so far and why my normal driving around is really issue free. Outside of messing with the idle this spring I want to do.

    I will be logging with the tweecer with a switch to kill the EGR and running that annalog to the EGR for ease of tuning/making changes. Just getting an idea of how accurate the gauge is and were I am before tuning.

    Thanks all
  2. You could always hookup the lc1 with the serial port. Compare the numbers and see if it looks close.:shrug:

    BTW: If you have binary editor you don't have to log through the egr. You can use the serial port for that. No need to try and get your voltages right.
  3. but how would I know either of the serial or the gauge was correct? The gauge plugs into the stereo cable just like the serial cable...so in my mind the LC1 is what I need to make sure is correct but I see no mention of how to know it if it is.

    It is my understanding the voltage setup part is for the analog hookup if I was going to use the EGR method.

    Nowhere in the LC1 or XD1 gauge manual does it talk about calibrating the LC1 and XD1 only the analogs.