XE266HR Cam, Will it work in my car?

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  1. Got a 94GT 5.0. Stock AODE car, I have a xe266hr comp cam, heard a lotta good things about it, I wanna put it in my car and add things on as I go along, will my car keep driveability if I put this in with pretty much a stock HO motor?

    i wont need a Stall converter or anything crazy would I? Im making it a once a month test and tune kinda car, not a blown racer. Hate to put it back together and have something dumb happen or car run like poop. (yes I said poop) lol
  2. Aside from the specifics on that cam, I'd recommend other mods first. Our heads are so bad, there's not much reason to put a new cam in and the 94-95 computers don't like a lot of cams.

    IF you really want to upgrade the cam, you need to make sure the heads are in good shape and your springs are up to the task. The stock springs are very soft and may not like the lift and ramp rate of an XE cam.

    Changing the cam is a can-o-worms.
  3. agreed. a cam like that would be good with a better intake and heads. on an otherwise stock motor, i doubt you would be happy with it.

    so i'd say just hold on to it and install it when you have the other parts that go better with it.
  4. With the auto trans in stock form ........

    Even the mildest cam will cause a very soft power band :bang:
    from low to mid range :(

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  6. The car won't run very well, and with stock valve springs you're running the risk of dropping a valve and ruining the engine. Put the camshaft in the closet until you have heads to go with it.