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  1. hey guys, i have been doing a lot of research for this explorer motor i'm going to be putting in my 94 GT. from looking at countless setups, it seems as if the comp cams xe270hr has made some amazing numbers with the GT40p setup (although there are very few setups running this cam ironically). my question is, i'm trying to get away with the stock ecu without a tune, and from what i have read, it seems that a cam like this with a high lobe separation angle (114 degrees lsa), the stock ecu should not have too much trouble with it for daily driving? is this true, because the steeda #19 cam was basically made for these cars, yet has a 115 lobe separation which is just a little bit milder than the comp cams as far as the lsa goes... anyone care to give input? :nice:

    P.S. Reason why I am basing my research off the LSA is because I have read that our ECU's problem with most cams is due to low LSA's within the cam's specs...
  2. Yes ... a wide lsa can help with making the pcm less sensitive to a cam change.

    Sticking to that rule of thumb is no guarantee you won't have to deal with
    drivability issues however.

    I do believe there comes a point in cam selection where concern for the pcm
    can cause one to start to suffer with making power.

    I have seen that cam work pretty well with gt40p heads :nice:

    I would point out the heads were the only OEM part of that combo.
    Everything else was after market stuff.
    The heads were cut a good bit for additional squeeze as well.
    All advantages were taken such as LT's instead of shortys.

  3. Good info, yeah I saw 95snoozer's setup, which really turned me on to using this cam. As you have said, the heads were the only OEM part, but regardless, compared to my other choices; steeda #19, crane 2031/2030 depending on rockers, tfs stage 1, e-cam etc, it seems as if this cam could surpass them decently. Unfortunately, I don't have raw data to support this, but this is what I'm going to assume from reading. Another thing that I really love about this cam is that it will be very good with a blower, which I plan to install later on down the road. Won't be slapping a blower on there until a few months or more after driving the N/A setup so I'd rather do it right the first time and get a blower oriented cam now. Basically, based on all this, I'm pretty much stuck on either the Comp Cams XE270HR-14 or the Steeda #19 because they will both work great with forced induction later on. Here's another question, with the explorer motor, should I go about upgrading the lifters or do you think the OEM lifters in the motor will be sufficient (I will be upgrading to the TFS valve spring kit for the heads though).
  4. You could keep the factory roller lifters if they're in good shape. I personally went with new ones when I swapped my Explorer shortblock in (sold the GT40P heads), but the ones in the engine looked practically new. Roller lifters can be reused with a new cam because the wear pattern isn't as crucial as it would be with a flat tappet cam. Now on to the ECU issues, as far as needing a tune, Grady is definitely someone I'd take the advice of. If he XE270HR seems to be a good match from combos you've seen, it may be good to pick it up, but if you see one that may or may not be quite as ECU friendly that makes more power with all things being equal, at least give it some consideration. I'm running the TFS stage 1 (112° lobe separation) with no tune, and really don't have any issues to speak of, other than an occasional bucking when I'm crusing, which I can very easily remedy by increasing or decreasing my speed a couple of MPH. I could absolutely benefit from a tune in my case, and you probably would, too, but I don't see the absolute necessity of it yet. Maybe once I finally pick-up some 24lb. injectors and a new MAF, I'll worry about it. I'm sure I'm maxing these stock 19's out, so tuning around them would be pointless.
  5. I am more focused with reality than being negative with these thoughts I'm gonna throw out here :D

    That combo is a gem for sure and the torque curve looks pretty good IMHO.

    I've stated it here before and I will again ...
    It is one of the best I've seen and I've told the owner so :)

    I've looked at so many oem based combos :crazy:
    and for that 1 that produces those results :)
    You can find 90 something others that don't :(

    Consider these things that could be going on with that combo :shrug:
    I'm not saying they are ... but ... That combo is just not the norm :nono:

    1) The block is not as delivered from Ford
    4.00" bore :shrug:
    balanced and bluprinted :shrug:
    windage tray :shrug:

    2) additional compression :nice:

    3) all after market parts except heads :nice:

    4) pull could have been caled in standard rather than SAE :shrug:

    5) pull could have been done with short or no belt :shrug:

    I'm saying that combo did well ... really well!!!
    Most others like it ..... Don't!!!

    Something don't add up ... and there is bound to be a reason

    Not all peeps share E V E R Y little trick :nono:
    that makes their combo stand out from all the rest ;)

    There is a big difference between telling lies or cheating
    Taking advantage of every little trick for the best outcome possible

    Most peeps who use OEM parts do so because of budget constraints
    Don't take advantage of all those little tricks.

    I suspect this combo was not just thrown together :D

  6. let's hear more about that combo please.

    i am a big fan of the comp xe line of cams.

    i am considering one for my 410 (the xe-282-12), have one for the 331 i plan on building (the 274), and there are 2 guys i know of off the top of my head over on hardcore50 running them with great results, eric fischer and purestock
  7. Haha I understand Grady, definitely didn't think that it was that easy with the OEM stuff, but I'm just looking to make decent power, on a budget of course, which is what turned me on to this cam. Not looking to make near the power snoozer did, but hopefully it will be relatively potent the way it is N/A, while awaiting for the blower...
  8. I ran some numbers on engine analyzer pro and it was almost identical to my crane 2031 except it made 5 more hp on the top end.

    This was with gt40p's/typhoon Intake, good exhaust, ect

    The only downside is that its over $100 more than the crane 2031.....you can almost get a custom cam for the price
  9. oh, and if your getting a blower....gt40p heads arnt the BEST.....i ran them successfully with boost, but it took me 4 hg's to dial it in. They are a "fast burn" head and have a smallish combustion chamber.....not soo great with boost
  10. Btw, i put down 275/320 ish rwhp/tq with my engine BUT with a restrictive explorer intake....not too bad. I only picked up a couple hp with a tune, but I couldent get it to run right thats why i bought the chip. Now im running the stock ecu and for some reason I have great idle, etc....I guess i just dialed it in correctly this time....the wideband DEFINATLY helped with that.
  11. I'm guessing the -14 at the end of the grind is the lsa....I am running that exact cam with a 112 lsa on a stock cpu for my 331 (in sig). Ran it for 2 yrs and now I'm finally going to get a custom cam and a tune. But yea the car is finnicky but I got used to it and I havent been forced to get a tune. It even made good power 330 rwhp on a stock cpu. I bet you will have some quirks, etc. With the 114lsa and your milder induction setup you shouldent have the problems I have. Or at least not to the same extent. Anyways if I drove the car for yrs. w/o a tune then your milder setup should be just fine as long as your not too picky or are ok with not exactly OEM drivability.
  12. I could and would not say for certain
    Drivability issues can be unique to each 94-95 Stang

    But as I see it by looking at your sig ............

    The biggest thing to me that stands out about your combo working correctly
    without a tune is your cubic inch size.

    Since you went larger and your pcm has no knowledge about it ..............

    A L L of your load factors are hosed up in A L L of your various tables :eek:

    Not Good :nono:

    For a pcm that uses load to measure out fuel & spark :eek:

  13. great info guys, any ideas what size pushrods i'll need with this cam along with an OEM GT40P explorer motor and 1.6 roller rockers? reason i ask is because i found a pretty good package deal including the cam, lifters, and pushrods on ebay, so curious as to what size pushrod i would need... otherwise i'll have to measure with an adjustable pushrod length checker...
  14. That is always a tough call with used heads cause who knows if someone took a bit off them thus making oem pr's too long :scratch:

    Its really best to just check as you said with a checker :nice:
    Then again

    I'd mock one up and see how it looks with the pr's you got ;)

    Who knows ... they might work just dandy :banana:

    btw ... hardened pr's not needed with oem iron heads :)

  15. haha, considering i have the checker already from a previous 347 i put together, guess i could measure it heh... just seeing if anyone had a ballpark measure because i wanted to order all the supporting parts before i got the motor from the explorer so i don't have the motor sitting around my mom's garage awaiting parts.
    thanks guys
  16. ok so before i order this cam, what do you guys think, i can spend the extra 100 bucks on ebay and it comes with new lifters and pushrods, or should i just get the cam off of summit for 100 less, but doesn't come with any of that stuff... just curious because i don't know how reliable comp's lifters are, i've only used frpp lifters, and have no idea what size pushrods i'll need until i actually have the motor...
  17. do you need springs for the heads too? if so, you might consider getting a kit with all that stuff together.

    i think the frpp lifters are about 100 at summit
  18. i already got the springs, the kit i found on ebay comes with lifters and the pushrods, which is why i was looking for a ballpark figure as far as the measurement goes... anyway, keep giving input because i'm going to be ordering the rest of the parts to put the motor in this car relatively soon, which means, i need to decide on a cam....
    thanks guys!!!