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  1. I am on a pretty strict budget right now (college student) and it saves me a decent amount of money if I retain the lifters that are in the explorer motor. Essentially they're still OEM ford lifters, so do you think the lifters in a 50k mile explorer longblock will be able to handle a performance application or should I definitely get new lifters? Reason I ask is because I have the tools to change the cam without removing the lower intake, but if I have to change the lifters, its got to come off anyway. Any input on this???
  2. As long as the inside of the motor is not all sludged up ................

    I would not be afraid to use those lifters.

  3. ok awesome, thats what i was figuring, going to order the cam tomorrow ;)
    ordered 900 bucks worth of stuff yesterday, buying parts is absolutely addicting