xenon body kit

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  1. i wanted to get this. the price is ok the look is good, but it says you need to buy a gt grill. does that mean i need to get those 2 extra bigg lights too? no offese to gt owners, but i dont like them at all. and does any one know how much the grill is?
  2. I don't know if the GT grill comes without the fogs - don't think I've ever seen that. There's a guy on eBay - so a search for Cascotech - he sells GT takeoff parts from new 05 conversions that are being done. I was quoted $350 plus shipping for the GT front bumper / grill with fog lights...
  3. yeah ill ahve to look around or ask ford. i dont want the fogs. i dont need a whole bumper the xenon kit is a full bumper. so i dont get why a gt grill would be needed.
  4. the front fascia is molded around the GT grille which is different from the v6 grille.. offsets are different. If the body kit is then made to work with the GT grille, you are presented with the same problem everyone has wanting to swap the grille directly into a v6 has.. it doesnt fit. Hence the necessity of the grille. Im on alot of pain killers, does this make sense?
  5. I wasn't suggesting you get the whole front fascia - that's what I'm looking at. You should still do the eBay search for Cascotech and contact him regarding the GT grill...
  6. no i understood i could just get the grill. thats why i said look around or ask ford. it was just weird to me that the v6 and gt are differant. zodiac answered that its still weird theyd do that tho. hopefully i dont need them fogs tho. i really hate them.
  7. Matt.. if anyone were to make a solid grille for the GT in replica of the v6, that would be usable as well, wouldnt it? It might be worth the time looking for one, or holding off a little bit. Im sure theyll be made if they arent already.
  8. Well I will tell you from experience, I got the GT grille and the fogs are part of it, can't take them out. Sorry dude. I think Saleen makes a grille that dosent have them.

  9. Would you mind postin some screenshots of your car? It looks pretty kool from your avatar... Thanks Man.. :nice:
  10. Sure, though the camera I used is not that good. Wife had the good camera with her the day I took these, but I will be taking new ones once the second muffler is on.

    Here you go:

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  11. Here are some more.

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  12. And more:

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  13. Last one.

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  14. lol @ Mr. picture whore, jk.
  15. Man, thats the 1st 05-V6 GT clone I have ever seen! LOL!! Nice job... Its all GT in those pics! :nice:
  16. Yea, when I went to the dealer, I wanted the fog lights and bullit wheels bad, but they wouldn't do it! And the mark up on the V8 was killing me plus insurance would have raped me. My salesman is a mustang junkie, he has a SVT cobra and he even told me to wait on a V8, that they were not worth it so I went with the V6 and got my fog lights. I just lucked out with the guys at my parking garage messen it up.

    My last two appearance mods will be a ducktail spoiler and ram air hood to complete the retro look. I'm actually looking at the Xenon spoiler. Though my performance mods need to come first, I'm leaning towards a AFE CAI and a Tloc to start wtih.

  17. Body kit? Sorry man, but I think it will destroy the whole retro look. I like em as is.
  18. I agree, I don't like the whole body kit. But I do like the spoiler and you can purchase only that. That is the only think that annoys me about the 05's, ford reused the spoiler....with such a retro design, I would think they could come up with something better...but thats my opinion.
  19. Yup. Factory ducktail option would have been awesome.