Xenon HID Ballast..buzzing noise

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by dc_02, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Does anyone have the Xenon HID lights installed on their Mustang?? If so....I have installed Xenon HID lights..its been almost a year and now one side of the lights doesnt turn on when i switch my lights on...i hear a buzzing noise from the ballast which is not the normal sound it makes...can some one help...thnks
  2. I have HIDs on my '01. Check to make sure the lead between the ballast and the bulb hasn't chafed through. If it's fine, you're probably out of luck- those things aren't repairible.
    Careful around the ballast when the lights are on- it and the lead to the bulb contain high voltage!
  3. it might also be one of your HID bulbs thats burnt out, but check the leads like the other guy said, if the problem is the bulb and you want to replace it they have some on americanmuscle.com for about 50-60 bucks each.
  4. The thing is,HID bulbs shouldn't burn out like that.They should last several years over a halogen bulb.

    I would just look on e-bay for one.They have reputable sellers with "buy it now" prices for way cheaper.Normally I wouldn't say ebay,but for these bulbs,it's worth a look.What was the brand name of the HID kit you got? Was it one of those cheap knock off kits? Are you using projector lenses or just mounting those kits that allow you to use your stock headight housings? Personally I don't like those because on some cars,it causes bright light to get scattered all over the place including your eyes.