Xenon hood & side scoop install

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  1. These scoops are made from heavy urethane and both just tape on. Has anyone done these and do they stay on well? Picutres?:)
  2. I included the instructions (and tape, I think the prep wipes are in there too) so just make sure you prep the both surface before applying the tape. My woman still has the window scoops on her car and they've held up good for over a year.

    Don't try to put these on in cold weather though. Lay them out in the sun. Use a heat gun to warm up the urethane if you have to so it makes it more pliable. I had to do this with the window scoops. However I "test fitted" them on her car when we got them and they seem like they'll go on rather easy since the body there isn't curved like the side rear windows.

    Good luck !! :nice:
  3. Make sure you use the adheasion promoter and prep the area with alcohol first to get rid of any wax or residue on the car.. I have 3d carbon scoops on mine, the trickiest part was making sure they lined up properly since the body has a lot of edges and curves right there. Take your time and prep it good and you don't have anything to worry about. The 3m tape is a lot stronger than most people think.
  4. Thanks all, especially NastyStang113 for the sides. I'm going to have the body shop folks install them. Another mustang site had a comment that thier bodyshop refused to do the xenon unless they were allowed to drill some holes and apply some screws. I was wondering if this was a common concern. I think I'll let the shop tell me if they:nice: are concerned. I'm going put a picture up after thier installed.
  5. My body shop hasn't mentioned using screws for the Xenon scoops, but they're not installed yet.
    +1000 on proper body prep!!!!! For all the things I've "stuck" on, I've cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth at least 5 times and haven't had anything want to come off yet! Test fitting is always the best!!!!! As far as installing something that large yourself is to only pull a little bit of the backing tape off and have it hang out the side. Then line up the part and gently press it on. Once happy with the fit, pull the backing tape out from underneath as you gently press the part. Once all the backing tape is out, press firmly all the way around.
    Hopefully the body shop does a great job for you and will love to see pics.
  6. The xenon hood scoop will stay on great with just the tape, as long as you follow the directions for installing.
    Regarding the screws, I had talked to a body shop about permanently installing mine.
    They said there isn't enough material on the side nearest the windshield to screw it down.
    So I find it odd that another shop would want to screw it.

    I ended up going a completely different direction, and now the scoop is gathering dust in a corner of the garage.
  7. We are talking about the side scoops, not a hood scoop.

  8. How do you keep the area inside that clean? Will your hand fit in there to wash it? Just curious.
  9. It's not deep enough to where a mitt won't reach.
  10. Ahhh.
    I read the title, and didn't see where the topic shifted to just the side scoops
  11. Actually I was wrong. It was way too late last night. :rlaugh:
  12. Body shop owner took off to Cancun for 10 days (I'm in the wrong profession I guess) so my car won't be done for a few weeks. I'll advise back then and maybe snap a couple of before and after shots.
  13. So, I guess you got them okay? :)
  14. Yes, thank you very much.
  15. No problem. I'm glad I could help you out.