xenon light bulbs

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  1. I have an 01 cobra, and I just bought the xenon blue bulbs to replace the stock one's. I have no idea how to install them, i need help. Is it a hard job?
  2. look behind each headlight and there's a wire harness going to it...there's 2 clips that holds that harness onto the back of the headlight...use a small screwdriver to pry up on the clips to release the harnes...then just unscrew the retaining ring on the back of the headlight counterclockwise and the bulb should come right out...be careful not to touch the glass on the new bulbs since that may cause them overheat from the oil on your skin...then just place the new bulb in the back of the headlight, screw the retaining ring back on, and plug the harness back in...should take about 10 minutes to do both lights...
  3. Yup, very easy.

    Pop the hood. There's a metal (painted the same color as your car) locking bar that just slides right up. The headlight assembly will then slide out until the harness wires won't let you take it out any more. Simply turn the rubber bulb-holder counter clockwise. As said above, don't touch the light itself...no finger prints. Replace the bulb, reverse order.

    Total time: 1 minute 14 seconds :D

    Look in the owners manual if you are unsure which metal tab I'm referring to in order to remove the headlight assembly.

    Piece of cake :nice:
  4. thank you very much. I appreciate your detailed instructions. I wish you guys the best; you have helped greatly.
  5. Your manual gives you detailed instructions.