Xenon "New Style" front fascia

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by Matt H., May 24, 2005.

  1. Has anyone seen Xenon's "New Style" front fascia, I was just wondering if it is lower to the ground than the stock front fascia. I like the "New Style" a lot, but I wanted to ask if I could put it one and no other body parts(side skirts, rear fascia). If I put it on by itself would it look good, because I don't wan't to buy the rest of the body kit, but I like the "New Style" front fascia, but no the rest of the body kit
  2. I forgot to ask, will they be making a more versions of the rear fascia and side skirts to match the "New Style"
  3. They redid the louvers as well. I'm guessing a slow release of an entire new style kit.